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Grafic issue - SOLVED


win10 1709 - gtx980 397.31 - ram 16 GB


Are your graphic drivers updated or is your graphics card dying? Because if automation is installed correctly, with that hardware this should not happen.


Have you checked the monitor cable?


Although then the colours should be messed up always, either green or pink as far as I know. Not just limited to Automation. Automation might make it worse maybe.


Or you have colors for daltonists.


I am a daltonist though :sunglasses:


ohoh, so the issue is only mine…all others games work as they have to do…I’ll looking for a solution, maybe a verify cache


ok I found the solution https://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/discussions/0/1488866813759285841/


So you were loading in DX10 with win10 and a GTX980?


play, safe or dx10…the solution is press F11 when flickering starts