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Green Ghost of Selva Rocosa (BeamNG Story)


So, this is something that I’ve been working on with a guy called YellowRusty for the past ten months or so, and I figured that since I’m most likely going to be featuring Automation vehicles in the next few stories, I could link Selva Rocosa (or even post the chapters here, if you want) and then potentially publish my future Green Ghost stories here. Enjoy! (Note: This story will be about 61K words long, so if you like long stories, I’ve got 9 full chapters (plus a prologue and 2 parts of Chapter 10) currently published.)

Synopsis: As the Berlin Wall falls and the 1980s come to a close, a little green tricycle is built in a tiny island in the middle of the Philippines. After a successful first race in a moment of fury, Its beloved owner/driver/creator, a 19-year-old street racer called Tim Alberts, sees that it is worthy of being considered as his new vehicle to replace his aging '65 Ibishu Miramar. Unfortunately, Tim - as well as the rest of the residents of Selva Rocosa - are forced to abandon the island as its car factory is forced to shut down after over thirty years of service. But one fateful night, a mysterious meteorite crashes into Mount Hutch, and every vehicle on the island suddenly comes to life. Can our tiny hero handle the fury of the Manhavik Giants and survive as his home speeds into uncontrollable chaos?

Link here: https://www.beamng.com/threads/story-green-ghost-of-selva-rocosa.54145/ (each chapter can be accessedd via the corresponding spoilers)