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Green Hell Lap Times


its all good strop i just wanted to show off the beast im not worried about leaderboards. CXheers for the feedback


I’d like to claim the racecar title please, thank you :slight_smile:


You could, I guess, but there’s a number of reasons I’m not going to update it right now

  1. The next round of beta is already mostly done (as has been the case consistently over the last few months!)
  2. I’m pretty sure your target time should be closer to 6:15 :wink: Of course if you’re not +15 everything then it’s hard to get that. But I do notice that your car is at least 120kg heavier than I expected it to be.


2.5L I4 Hatchback. Based off of this thread before it had proper rules, but this is an everything goes AWD variant. The RWD one with 4 seats, safety, proper cooling and so on does the 6:45:75 previous time seen.


Lol that’s pretty damn good for a micro car :joy: that’s the same time as my 2000bhp 500km/h Ultra hypercar.

Of course mine doesn’t have nearly as much Tech slider abuse (presumably) and a reliability of 80, but that’s beside the point :wink:


what happens when

you have a big engine

a gearbox with 0 spacing

an car that weight 617 KG


green hell


My first supercar effort: Cyrotech LP40 Spec Nur.
It`s overweight at 1300kg, but the twin turbo V8 and aero makes up for it. The Nordschleife is a power track after all.


Only allows 1 image per post, sorry for the clutter.


if you keep posting stuff it will get better also you got awesome lap time

can i have the export ?

also btw welcome to automationsforum


Thanks for the welcome lordvader1.

Sorry I don`t know how to export. Here are more tecnical details on the build. A lot of time was invested in the setup and fine-tuning. Really loving this game.


there is a button under revise car that says export

then go to
Documents\My Games\Automation\Export\carname.zip

thats is how get the export and you usually send it if you want to a part in a competition or somewhere in the forum


Lordvader, I sent you the export via PM.

Here is my latest creation: Cyrotech LMP73 “Bellof”, inspired by the legendary german driver and his 6:11 record on the green hell.


Very good, I should actually update the board now!

EDIT: that said, y’all do have a ways to go before you can truly challenge for best possible time :wink: This is a crude build:

EDIT 2: sorry, forgot to add the second lip :sweat_smile:

Hint: [spoiler] This is an MR body with NA V8 and as large a stroke as possible without grenading the engine at maximum performance index. It’s good for about 1230bhp. Also, for MR cars the game likes it if you have heaps of rear downforce so put at least one lip on the rear as well as both wings.[/spoiler]

EDIT 3: And this is a turbo build.

Hint: [spoiler]Turbos spool earlier on v12s and turbo cars with too much boost tend to do worse after a certain point. This one runs around 1450bhp. I could easily use 2150bhp in the same body, except it simply won’t go as fast around the track.[/spoiler]

All cars above are from 2016. Further hints and details upon request :wink:

EDIT 4: BTW what build are you all using? I’m running open beta (161021) and the times are probably a bit different!!!

My bad UE4 cars

I`m using 161021 too. Great laptimes, thanks for the challenge! I agree on the weird downforce setups, and also spring rates are quite freaky, some ways to go there to make it more realistic.


is that stable or open beta




btw i noticed your fine tuning, moving quality slider can really affect time btw

negative quality slider on exhaust increases weight
putting +15 will decrease weight, horsepower, octane

negative quality slider on driver assistant does not increase or decrease weight

i’ll not question is there a negative quality slider on turbo, fuel system


I’m going to try to at least equal these times, but I have a feeling that this will end up like the BRC where no matter what I tried I couldn’t get better times. Right now I’m at 6:28.


Just start with one of the later MR bodies. Not the huge ones by VMO, those ones are good for hilarious engines that put out like 2900bhp but they can’t take corners and you’ll struggle to get under 6:20. The most modern one by Razyx or the vanilla not-Maclaren body will do quite well.

I’m going to try a quick F-AWD build and see what I can get.

Edit: lol F-AWD has potential


Yeah strop you should set up some Green Hell challenges with limited rules (ej: 1600cc NA FWD, etc). It`d be fun.