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Green Hell Lap Times


I’m actually using one of those huge engine MR bodies, and my cornering is great… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wrong about my time it’s better than 6:28:

I played with it a little and managed a 1.99G 250 m cornering, which brought my time down to 6:20.68.
I think I need to play around with my engine some more 2123HP seems a little excessive, but I do like my power.


Yeah, we occasionally bandy about the idea of classes. Nobody can really agree to the exact definitions and sometimes we worry that people will follow the letter and not the spirit of the class. But we can’t quite subscribe to the idea of forcing cars to have a certain competitiveness in a demographic to qualify.

I’d take ideas over what constitutes which class and what to include in them. For example, should I divide it into price range, displacement, drive type, or even criteria for comfort, engineering times…


I understand, it`s a complex thing to define and balance. I believe the starting point should be real life classes like the ones which already exist in Nurburgring 24h and other VLN events. I could check the rulebooks and come up with a proposal to be refined by you and other experienced players, could be a starting point. Cheers.


Why not offer classes with specific bodies and engine size ranges along with setting target prices for each class? It would then be up to the user to decide how to best spend their budget and tune everything to get the best times. It would be up to you to decide what would be appropriate for each class. For instance:

[hide=Race: ]Anything goes but must have an average reliability of more than 0.
Budget unlimited.[/hide]
[hide=Hyper:]Previous requirements plus drivability greater than 20. Safety greater than 20.
Budget $150K@0% in Gasmea. [/hide]
[hide=Super:]Previous requirements plus comfort greater than 20.
Budget $100K@0% in Gasmea.[/hide]
[hide=Sport:]Minimum required cooling + 10%. Drivability greater than 35. Comfort greater than 30. Fuel economy greater than 18MPG US. Safety greater than 30.
Budget $35K@0% in Gasmea.[/hide]
[hide=Family Sport:]Sport requirements plus 4+ doors and 4+ seats.
Budget $45K@0% in Gasmea.[/hide]


adding a price level ei. Sub 20k, sub 30k, sub 50k, 100k+ and require a 50% markup.

so for example a class that is sub 30k family, or 100k plus luxury etc

also a way to manage engineering time needs to be implemented. And for those of us that have a company lore etc perhaps we split comps into non-lore/Automation lore entries


4L v8 AWD car with 0 quality sliders uder

testymctest.zip (28.9 KB)


Why does it have 0 drivability!?

(Crap, forgot to make it a rule. Killrob tells me that cars with 0 drivability won’t stay on the road if you push it in any way shape or form, making it technically impossible to perform such a lap).


too big rear breaks also using 6 pistons


good lord. But yes, sorry, I forgot, it should be a rule that the car has higher than 0 drivability. It can be 0.1, for all we care, just not 0.


is it still accepted :smiley:


Sorry no, but I bet you’d go faster if you did fix the 0 drivability >_>



After some aero development and tire provider change, the Bellof went back to the ring:


Jesus, at what point did it become really easy to get sub-7 minute times?


@Microwave sub-7 under 50k (at 100% markup) is actually pretty easy to achieve. Sub-6:30 is pretty dang hard. Just take a look at the PUs and manufacturing times on this thread.


Get an MR body alu fiberglass
Put a massive V8 Twin Turbo in it
Semi Slicks in the widest dimensions
-3 camber on all 4s
Single front lip and dual rear wing with rear lip

If you can’t achieve sub 7 you’re doing it wrong

Makes for boring cars so I don’t do it.


I didn’t realize you were actually updating this thread again. I guess I’ll get serious now and try to make something in the new rules.


I’ll shortly be making a challenge for sub 100k hypercars with a scoring metric that will strongly encourage people not to make glass cannons. It’s not so easy when you can’t use fiberglass, you can’t use semi-slicks, you use a proper interior and proper safety, the maximum width of your tyres is 345, your maximum PU is 300 and you’re doing better than 25mpg.


woohoo sounds good to me…bugga just realized my halo car is fibreglass body


dw I won’t disallow fiberglass, but I will be putting some weight on the prestige and safety factors, which will discourage fiberglass quite significantly unless you find a way to make it work.