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Green Hell Lap Times


In any case aluminium panels are cheaper and not that much heavier, so no big deal


also we need a category for zero quality sliders car
and -15 quality sliders car :smiley:


yeah no that’s going a bit too far lol.


why? no one wants to clean the green hell course from a car that slowly fell apart ? (-15 quality slider joke)
or rusted away in mere minutes


Model 1.zip (23.4 KB)



I built this car a while back, and I figured I’d post it, It is pretty quick with its tiny 3.6L V12. It has 885HP and weighs in at only 896 kg.

one85db - Ultra lite Race.zip (34.5 KB)

I changed the year to 2016 without re-tuning and got a little slower time.

one85db - Ultra lite Race 2016.zip (34.6 KB)

Performance tuner Time attack 1995

@one85db aw that is a mad little car! Do you mind if I ask for the download to that car? Gillet Vertigo anyone?


I’ll put the download in my post.

I just realized why I didn’t post this car on here before. I built it in 2020 and it doesn’t qualify for this thread.


Jesus Christ that thing is insane!


I updated with a 2016 version too. Hopefully, that makes it legal now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @ramthecowy!


A drivability of 7 in New scoring??? Wow, that car’s a real handful!

I’ll update list tomorrow.


That car was built a while back, and not for this challenge.


Ok makes much more sense. Probably closer to 30 now?


I may make another car with better drivability, or I may already have one now that I think about it. but I’m not likely going to modify this car any more than I did to change the year; I already set it back to the 2020 model replacing the 2016 model.


Oh I’m not criticising the car at all, just wondering if the scoring changed between versions (has it changed in the default build? I’m running open beta atm).


Strop if you update please include my 6.13 published a couple of weeks ago, thanks!


Oh, you mean between the 2020 and 2016 versions? Actually, the drivability went down to 6.4. If I add ABS, TC, and ES it becomes a 22.5 in the 2016 trim.


Oh, I missed that because I didn’t realise it was a modification of a previous car. Was that the Bellof?


Yes sir, the Bellof with some tweaks.


@strop when will you make a awesome map like the green hell