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Green Hell Lap Times


I wrote pikes peak international Hill climb nearly two years ago.

Go look it up. It probably goes off course due to recalibration issues of course, let me know. I’ve not had time to sit through ten minutes of sim :stuck_out_tongue:


So I finally sat down and gave a decent attempt at making a car specifically for this thread. Here are the results of my first 2 attempts:


Is this Still active


Always but not relevant…and not up to datei tgink the record is under 6:30


I would wait until the UE4 update settles down before adding any further results.

Actually the records are somewhere along the lines of 6:11, 6:12. What’s really funny is that those cars pack well in excess of 1000hp but are barely as fast as the 956 etc. Maybe needs more downforce.


And now I wonder why Squidhead claimed the record for his Eau Rouge hyper variant, with 6:17-18 or sth like that…


Was it production appropriate? All my benchmark builds are max tech sliders abuse and somewhat tuned.


AFAIK it was similar. I’ll find the post and quote it later.


Well I mean as far as official lore cars go, it was the fastest. The Mohawk Proto is slightly faster at 6:17 flat but there is alot of tech abuse and it’s not really a lore car per se.


+15 tires and aero. 40 points in safety, 98 ron, no modifications to the production engine apart from a remap (ignition, AFR, boost)

I’ll help you

Feel free to tell me where I claimed the fastest nurburgring lap time ever…

On the other hand, the thing still lugs around 20-40 kilos worth of extra safety equipment, can produce extra 300-700 hp more on demand, is adequately cooled. So yeah, it’s a pulled punch. Feel free to interpret this the way you want. What it is, is a straight piped, remapped supercar with wings and +15 tires, it’s not a benchmark car created solely for the laptime at the ring.


Feel free to tell me where I suggested that your record was about fastest lap time ever… Easy, I was just confused because I forgot about that lore bit.
And thanks for the info about safety :wink:


Right there.


Your interpretation, not exactly my intention. I was wondering IF that was meant to be simply “the fastest ever” type of record or not. Now that is clarified.


So this is still up and running November 2017, or are y’all busy with UE4?