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Grehet Motors - For the Better, For You


Lore stats and Background still to be determined


September 1945

With the World War ended. The world is moving from war production into surplus usage because they were cheap, a lot of the soldiers coming back home are now jobless. A lot of tooling used for making various vehicles are now being sold as is, stripped down for parts, or just scrapped. the society is rebuilding everything. and they all lack tools for it, and everything is going slowly. in this kind of situation, there are people that came out of the war in better shape than some other, and a lot of them are seeing the opportunity and starts new businesses.
Of these people, there’s a group of friends that were a Admiral, a chief engineer, and a head accountant back in the war. the Admiral was taken off duty after the war. but he had quite a saving from his generous paychecks in the war. the Chief Engineer and the Head Accountant was already good friend in the company that they worked for before, but said company went bankrupt near the end of the war due to the factories were bombed and they couldn’t continue business. The 2 met the Admiral just after the Japanese declare their surrender, in a tea shop, where the Head Accountant slipped and poured his tea on to the Admiral. and that turned into a conversation, and the 3 got friendly quick.

February 1946

With the war recovery going full bore. Economy is growing fast and vast, faster than word of mouth could spread rumor, more vast than the horizon you could see. War surplus are going our for sale cheap, and they’re being bought and used to produce everything for the recovery effort. it’s 1946, and our Admiral want a piece of that, now that he’s taken off duty, but not at the retiring age just yet. one afternoon he invited his 2 new buddies for a talk to build a company, and them being the people that were more well off after the war, they don’t have much problems with capital money, and they all settled on either making small logistic airplanes since Yames did have some involvement in plane development during the war. more specifically he’s one of the aero engine engineer. or the other option is automotive, cars or motorcycles. nevertheless, they are off starting with their story of a lifetime.

July 1946

only a few months after their last meeting, they found out that their small plane production plan has too much competition, with logistic war planes being sold for cheap converted to commercial use, same story with big bomber planes being converted into both passenger transport. It doesn’t seem sensible enough to make a new plane yet. and seeing that new and upcoming micro car trend. they also didn’t see motorcycles as a sensible option either. and super cheap car they intended also wouldn’t work, it could work, just not the super cheap for the masses car. and they settled on making a utility car for the growing economy. essentially a car for everyone that has a growing business. and with this, they went on their way finding factory spots and sourcing ex war production factory tools

December 1946

inside a meeting room they rented in a 4 star hotel building

  • Blake : “Gentleman. Meet Mr. Shew. He is now our new partner in the making of this company. You see, to put it shortly, he is our fresh injection of funds. An investor, and the land provider. While I do have some amount of funds to kick start this company, i don’t have enough to keep it going, and he owns a land outside of town where we could use to build our first factory. so gentlemen, please…”
    Shew : “sorry, if i may interject for a little bit. it’s not a land. it was an abandoned factory that was used up until the great depression. so while it is not new, you don’t have to build anew, just refurbish the building and give it a new life. some cost saving there”.

  • Blake : “ah. right, thank you for that info. and so gentlemen…”

  • Grudsen : “waitwaitwaitwait. Blake, would you come over here for a sec?”

  • Blake : “hmm? is something wrong?”

  • Grudsen : whispers “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN ‘IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG?’. HE’S BLACK, AND HE’S RICH. are you sure he’s not a… you know…mafia. and are you FUCKING SURE that will not bring us any problem in the future?”

  • Blake : sigh “Grudsen, open up your mind a bit. there is nothing wrong with this. and don’t bring the notions that black people are inferior in this company. i believe you are better than this. there, Hamston is already shaking hands with him”

  • Grudsen : “you know Hamston good enough by now. he’s as pure as the angels. he doesn’t think much of anything except for his machines”

  • Blake : “… just go greet him and we’ll start the meeting”

  • Grudsen : “Really? Seriously?”

  • Blake : “yes. seriously.”


August 1949

  • Blake : finally, people, we can at least see the fruits of our work! this time, by our own conscious decision, and not an order from the people in the ranking above us!

  • Grudsen : it might as well be crucifixion. that was a damn hard 3 years.

  • Blake : yes. and a big thanks to you, we have put on a lot of burden on you these past 3 years. hopefully it should not get much harder on you in the future

  • Grudsen : sigh i doubt it. but it does feel satisfying when i see the result in front of my eye. i don’t know if i’ll ever get used to this feeling

Hamston standing beside the car about to the released for sale. grinning

suddenly he walked to the front of the car and flopped onto the hood of the car and spreading his hand as far as possible like he’s trying to hug it

  • Grudsen : HAMSTON! GET OFF OF IT! YOU’RE GONNA PUT A SCRATCH ON IT! realise that we’re about to release the car to the public and people out that door are just waiting for it

  • Hamston : just a sec would you. just let me admire what i have made for a moment.

  • Grudsen : sigh takes a look at his watch. waits a few second okay that’s enough. get up. you’re not a baby anymore

  • Hamston : could you not be always so rude?

  • Grudsen : how about you act like your age?

Blake, thinking ‘Grudsen is just like a big brother trying to keep his little brother from making too much ruckus’, just giggles

  • Blake : okay. it’s time for the show. prepare yourself you two. and Deborah, would you please grab my speech paper from my desk in my office?
  • Deborah : … staring at the 2 ‘brothers’
  • Blake : Deborah? can you hear me?
  • Deborah : eh!? oh, i’m really sorry, i was spacing out. what did you want sir?
  • Blake : please grab me my speech paper on my desk.
  • Deborah : ah, yes, right away sir

1949 Grehet Roly V

the very first car Grehet motors ever sell to the public. this is meant to be a relatively cheap utility vehicle for the common people that needs a smaller vehicle to transport items in the urban and suburban environment

1949 Grehet Roly

a sedan variant launched at the same time as the Roly V. most parts are shared so a lot of the (will be) available spare parts are interchangable with each other.


introducing the powerhouse that moves the Roly series. the G-Anomaly Series. an inline 4 cylinder with state of the art technology taken straight out of war machine application such as AeroCross* head design, overhead camshaft, ExFlow* exhaust headers, SuperMagneto*.

the version powering the Roly we are releasing is the



1.4L inline 4
. . . .61.3hp @4400RPM (43.3hp Net)
. . . .138Nm @2200RPM (95.9Nm Net)
16.5% Efficient

AeroCross -> Crossflow Head
Exflow -> non cast log exhaust header
SuperMagneto -> low friction Magneto



Blake : well Grudsen… this is your 2nd chance. let’s hope this one won’t be a flop like the Roly is
Grudsen : i know… but hey, it was sharing so many parts with the Roly V that we barely lost anything in tooling right? and the Roly V is selling well, that covers up most of our lost.
Blake : it’s still a loss Grudsen. you’re the Accountant, you should know about this better than i do.
Grudsen : yes i know. there was no need to rub that in was there? and yes, we’re still in the red. not quite breaking even yet.
Hamston : but i still prefer the Roly to this… mess. it just looks better. it’s simpler, and this car’s monocoque body was just a headache to work with
Blake : sorry hamston. but you can’t always do what you just like. should i remind you that we’re a business now? like it or not, we need to have something that makes us money first, and then you can go work on your projects that you like, like we promised
Hamston : yes i do remember that. but i guess this car isn’t bad. it was just a headache to work out how to mass produce.
Grudsen : and to finance these steel presses too.
Blake : hey you’re the one that told me we should make it cheaper. this is the only way to go cheaper.
Grudsen : well at the time i didn’t know that making it cheaper is… more expensive
Deborah : sir, it’s time to for the ceremony to start

we are replacing our Grehet Roly with the more versatile

1955 Grehet Urban

for the super cheap urban commuter that seats 2, and have ample of room for storage and only drinks 9.8km/l!


1955 Grehet Urban Plus

for the small family living in the urban and suburban area. seating for 5 and room still available for luggage
and still only sips 9.3km/l

1955 Grehet Roly V New

a new fresher Roly V

all the cars released today will all be powered by the new

G-Anomaly SE14


same satisfying power, done more efficiently!



  • Blake : GENTLEMAN… Grehet Motors is now officially 10 Years old. and it is only 1 minute left until midnight that marks 10 Years of Grehet Motor. with this beautiful champagne i will pop open, we shall start our small party together in this room. 15 seconds to go. let’s count down together!


10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREHET MOTORS!

  • Blake : everyone, CHEERS!

  • together : CHEERS!

  • Grudsen : PEOPLE! just a second before you go along with the party. we still have something else to announce. ahem Mr. Blake. would you please.

  • Blake: right. with how we are right now. we still have a long way to go to grow in this fierce competition. but, we have talked about it and agreed together. i think this is the right time for this. we are Expanding to America within the next 3 years!


  • Shew : allow me to elaborate further. i am the one who suggested this idea. yes, i know we are not even one of the major player in europe yet. that’s why i suggested this. let’s try our luck on the freedom land, and hopefully we can be more successful over there. some of you may think, “what about asia?” well we have thought about it as well. the economy is just not there yet, we don’t see much point investing in an area that could barely afford any cars at all for the moment. in fact. we are already on the process taking care of the registration of the company and the papers as we speak. and we already have a project car to be released in America we can reveal that it’s true. the rumours you may have heard about something crazy is true. but what it is, we don’t want to reveal it just yet. that’s it for the announcement. thank you for your time. now, please, enjoy yourself

Hamston : yeeheeheeheeheehee


1961 - Expanding to USA

  • Hamston : People of the United State of America, we, Grehet Motors, proudly present to you, our very first product for the people of America,

Grehet Falmo

  • Hamston : Along with the car. we are now introducing our new engine focused for the american market. the G-Vortex. this one nicknamed the Super3. this is a 3L V6 with overhead camshaft. giving you just as much power as the smaller V8, with better fuel efficiency