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Grip Magazine - We don't want to drift (Issue #1 RELEASED)




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Ah, Revero. You may remember them as relics of old, analogue before digital. Well, today I bring you the very first Revero Classics column, and this one is about the M60-5.

The M60-5 was world-renowned for being a difficult car to drive but rewarding when driven right, and with a sub-6 second 0-60 in 1981, there wasn’t much to argue about. (Turbo trim, 1981).
However, the car wasn’t just offered in one guise: no, it was offered in two. The M60-5 sport, with a flat-4 and 119hp, was the affordable entry-level model, which could still provide 90% of the thrills without the extortionate price, and today we will take it on a thorough road test. This road test will take place on none other than crash hard 0.1, full of difficult, bumpy but exciting roads.

The car we’ve selected today is the basic sport package, which is plenty here as we don’t want anything too powerful on these roads.

The first thing I noticed right from the get-go was how amazingly responsive the car was. The open differential (NA only) allowed for enough slip to let you know when you were on an uneven surface, but not so much that it became difficult to put the power down. Same with the steering, which was tight and would respond to every little movement, and as for the flat-4, well, the burble at the low-end and the growl at the top end combined to make a very unique, baritone sound.

In addition to that, while it may not have the powerful 3-piston front calipers like its bigger, flat 6 turbo brother, it can still get you stopped very quickly (and aggressively). In addition to this, after about 15 minutes of enthusiastic driving, I never saw any signs of brake fade.

The conclusion: this car is a joy to drive at any speed, in any conditions and on any surface, and it sure won’t let you down.


Are you still taking cars?


Yeah. Of course!

Now, we want to test it f-segment sedans for a comparison.

But we take individual cars for review.


I can send my F segment car right away




F-segment, so like 120 inch wheelbase, Cadillac CT6 or Genesis G90 cars?


Yeah. Or like Audi A8, BMW 7-series, Mercedes-Benz S-class.


Right, haha those are the main three. I can get you a car on Monday maybe, but more of a value leader like the G90 or CT6 :grin:




I expect to finish the first issue this week


Hello boys.

Sorry for the delay. I have decided to try the cars for a longer time, in order to have as objective an assessment as possible about them.

I’m finishing the comparison, and it will be soon here.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks.


Due to the lack of time that I have currently, I wanna ask if you want to see as the issue #1 only the luxury sedan showdown (finished), and on the #2, the Paris Auto Show review (I didn’t started that), or both on a single issue.

  • Luxury sedan and Paris Auto Show on the same issue
  • Make in two issues

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Hello guys.

I want vertical car ads for the magazine.

If you have one, please, send to me.



For a few months, I’ve been really busy, and given that the situation is not going to improve in the short term, I decided to launch only (ATM) the comparison. I know that many of you wanted to see it published, and because of that, I made this decision, despite not being the most popular choice.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologize for the inconvenience.

GripHunters #1: Luxury sedans showdown

!GripHunters 1.zip (1.1 MB)

All criticisms and suggestions are accepted!


Very neat for your first issue, layout and everything is easy to read!


Heya i read you first issue and it was quite nice.
But there are some things you may wanna work on.

While the overall Layout is nice with good photos, the design itself could need some love.

  • Higher Resolution: I can see some of the compression artifacts in this pdf sadly
  • These boxes:
    They don’t really align in any way and the form you chosen for the boxes itself looks more like marked with a brush than anything. (Also its Pro and Contra, not Contra and Pro)

While of course i am in no position to pin point every single grammar mistake, because frankly i am also not the best in grammar. Some sentences read not necessary like a car crash, but more like a fender bender.
Anybody will get the information you want to give them but will give some text phrases a weird look.
For example:
This is quite a weird sentence to read. Especially when being said outloud. But you do still get the meaning.

Oh also i would just upload the pdf to any cloud service. Everybody can just read it there than. No need for any downloads.

Overall i think you can work on those points and i am already interested in the next issue. Good work!