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Gryphon Gear: Rare Beasts of the Track


What can i say Strop, you always create fascinating road monsters.
The Ouroboros rear end is really interesting, I like the way you have ‘assembled’ the taillight array.
About Lilith, bit expensive, no? :wink:
I like more the 2nd taillight array, has more personality but maybe, and just maybe, it could be better if the yellow indicators got black stripes around… just an opinion.


Good suggestion with the indicators, as it is it looks a bit “busy” with all the reflective surfaces, which is why I reverted back to the original, but I’m still not 100% on it.

I actually don’t know what “expensive” is, when it comes to producing a hypercar in Automation. I figured total costs of 65000 and production units of 750 was actually fairly reasonable for a car that I would expect to retail for over 2M USD. This is the kind of car that’s expected to compete against the likes of the extreme versions of the hypercars, like the Ferrari FXXK or the Koenigsegg Agera One:1. It might have also gone up against the SSC Tuatara if it ever materialised. Maybe if you meant it was expensive like that, then I do suppose so!

When I look at your cars though, I get the feeling you mean that the car is expensive in terms of production units compared to what you’re getting, which is theoretically similar results for less than a third of the PU (though the difference of 10 average reliability points is actually quite significant). To be honest I bumped it up from 500 PU earlier because I wanted to differentiate it in a much higher tier given what I already had with Ouroboros (which is the cheaper tier). As Killrob reminded me, in sandbox mode we don’t have our companies active to the point that we have our bonuses to production/ R&D which would reduce production costs and development times significantly. I assume that my company already has significant tech pool in valvetrain, injection, gearbox and aero, but of course I don’t know just how that pans out.

Maybe I will go back and see what I do get with much lower PU. It’d probably also help engineering times given my company is a very small one.


Holy moly, Ouroboros looks like it’s ready for beasting and feasting.

As for the Lilith, I think that the grey/black elements should be the same color as the body…but who am I to judge Gryphon Gear?

(PS: I am a generic nobody and a jabroni)


I won’t explain to you why I disagree with your comment on Lilith, rather, when I get back to my PC I’ll show you the result, because it is much easier to do that than to describe the effect! Then we can see for ourselves what it really looks like.

I would definitely have preferred those plastic bits to be CF finish, that’s what they were supposed to be (like the vmo lip).


Don’t sweat it Stroppy, you don’t need to.


Oh no no I actually want to. It’ll be a good visualisation for all and hopefully maybe even helpful for somebody else. Also I haven’t actually tried making all the parts body-coloured, so I could be wrong.


Yep, well I dunno too (how or what expensive is), we only have market desirability and user comparison values as reference, but yeah, I was mainly talking about the good amount of PUs that you have invested :)… You know what, I do not like much the ’ +1 quality point = +1 tech year ’ equalization… to some exent let’s say that there’s no such ‘tech advantage’ at all but a risky investment (that’s why I only invest a few of quality points here and there), but I’m not picking (or criticizing) on you, I understand that the ultimate hyper mega car has to get the best :grin:


This aspect makes much more sense when it will be applied in tycoon mode, as the tech pool will be active like demonstrated in the scenarios. I wonder if it would be too much to have a separate “quality” sliderfor each tab (actually yes there’d be no room on the UI). I guess having that be determined in the factory settings will do, though I don’t know exactly how it works yet (because the engineer thing is being ironed out).

Next mission: seeing what happens if I make the cars 200 and 400 PU respectively!



Here’s all the bits turned into body colour. What do you think?


It seems that the PU was quite easily reduced, though I think due to my materials and design choices I’m inherently going to find it hard to get it much under 300. I do wonder what counts as reasonable for this tier of car though.



Improved most definetley. The design looks a lot more cohesive.


I like it! It looks both sleek and aggressive, yet without compromising the fact that it’s still a car for the street, not only the track.


I’ll be the one to say that black makes the cutouts stand out, and underlines the design decissions


That’s a good value, I think…, in the end these are extreme cars. :slight_smile:
I gave a thought about to quality/tech advantage thing and definetly I’d get rid of the quality sliders.
The possible tech advantage would be in the tech tree (where you could improve few times every component - related with the specific technology or section), and the quality would be on the manufacturing process.

Celerimus Automotive - Exotic Supercars (2017 LT 700 Chao AWD SS)

Dayum! those drawings!

The Douche Meter, Automation Edition

Brace yourselves for some significant balance changes! They may take some getting used to, but in the grand scheme of things, make a whole lot more sense delineating between classes of car.

(Values below are calculated with new progressions, currently only in closed Beta, so please disregard when comparing to your own models. In short, hypercars are now deemed properly useless and impractical… as they should be. Note also that drivability values improve provided your car is not a total deathtrap to start.)

Ouroboros is shaping up to be a real contender for actual production development in 2017. With the groundwork being laid out for expansion on the way (again, details later), our top-down vision is to make racing technology more accessible at multiple tiers of super car, not unlike a certain antipodean development tree. Valued at 128K (without markup), this car will also represent a challenge to fellow hypercar manufacturers to show their hand of the future.

Yes, you’re seeing it right, this car has an economy of 6.5L/100km and will qualify as a very low emissions vehicle any which way you cut it. This isn’t because people who buy supercars necessarily care about the amount of fuel they consume (though the world would possibly be a better place if they did). It’s because we’re anticipating significant changes to the industry and legislation in moving towards reducing emissions and preserving non-renewable resources, and we’re putting our plans into practice as early as possible. Besides, getting these figures out of 666bhp, 0-100km/h in 2.8s, and 6:57 around Nordschleife (clearly not while achieving that fuel economy lol) is pretty remarkable, no?


Balance changes? Crap, I might have to redesign all my cars again :sweat_smile:


Unless you built a car specifically to appeal to several disjointed demographics, it seems unlikely!

Then again, due to lack of forward compatibility with major version changes, I’ve had to rebuild most of my cars from 2014 at least thrice. In fact, since some of them have over 200 fixtures, I have held off on actually finishing their design until I know the game isn’t going to change any more! :sweat_smile:


While waiting for me to stop having writer’s block and finish some stories central to the development of the company, I have a bit of a design study WIP:

Say hello to Tron Car Butt, now featuring responsive live updating brake lights that pulse and flicker, and shift around in response to the car’s dynamics and activation of stability systems.

This was made largely to test the limits of @Razyx’s new fixtures, now on the workshop. They tickle some of our greatest automotive fantasies, and also offer significant boosts in taillight functionality, though, as they are, still also WIP. I can say that there are going to be some very exciting additions indeed…


v interesting concept car, it ought to be called the Gryphon Sark

[end of line]