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Gryphon Gear: Rare Beasts of the Track


Any guidance on how to do this properly is much appreciated.

Though probably not as much as I appreciate the design and effort gone into the Gryphon cars.


dude, that car 10 out of 10.:heart_eyes::ok_hand:
That is a very unique design!


awesome to see this design progress even more, very unique color choice!


Can you keep spamming the car - pretty please? No such thing as seeing too much of it, it’s a beauty!


You never fail to impress dude; that color is sweet!


Testing in Beam is progressing nicely.

Which is to say I’m abusing the hell out of the car to see if all the .jbeam editing I’ve done is up to scratch.


  • DSG farts and flames
  • Adjusted LSD settings
  • 4-level ESC and TCS ranging from Street to Race mode
  • Fixed drag coefficients (now Lilith has its advertised top speed of 360km/h)
  • More appropriate fixture beam weights
  • Made the cosmetic fixtures mostly non-detachable

Last thing I need to do now is to figure out how to fix the exhaust tip without messing up the procedural piping entirely because yes, 3 pipes for a V8 doesn’t really make sense, but thing is, the system emulates the acoustic resonance system of the Civic Type R…


This car looks fantastic! You never cease to impress us


The latest version of Lilith is easily the best one I’ve seen thus far. I remember seeing a very early version of this car back during the Kee era, but it used a much older body and looked as if it had been hit by a big ugly stick; the rendition of Lilith made in the latest UE4 release, on the other hand, looks much better.


Okay I’m declaring Lilith done for now.

Pictured below is the unique “She Devil” livery:

Note: Dark Shine Design and Soltra both shut and their users are rarely around anymore, but were historically merged with GG and their assets consolidated, hence their inclusion on the list. Team Ninja Horse is GG’s racing division. BOSCC and PiERO are fictional parody companies with which GG consulted in development.

Now heed this well: One of you will have an opportunity to test this car first in Beam, fully edited and functional. How?

Bid for it, here!

Winner of the lot will get the Beam file, simple as that. I don’t even know if I’ll release it to anyone else yet, so that’s your best bet.

I’ve spent close to 40 hours testing this thing, so I can guarantee you it’s going to be a proper modern hypercar experience. Maybe I’ll even get the chance to upload some footage.

edit: oh yeah the stamping is nearly perfect in Beam, sweet as bro


I love how you sculpted the body, this car is so nice


It’s really really cool. Maybe Zephorus will be able to give it a few tweaks in the near future :wink:
I love the red stripe down the side. While the Egg body certainly isn’t my favourite, it is the best at making crazy hypercars and boi is this a good example. Keep it up! :+1:


Well thanks for the compliment, but i have to say that since chicken refreshed the model the egg body is actually one of the best for making sporty rides to drive in Beam. You do have to know what you’re doing though.

My only gripe is that the engine bay for the longer wheelbase body is now seriously nerfed so RIP Jormungandr. If anyone wants to see a proper 500km/h car that’s reasonable and good in corners that will need restoring!


So work is progressing on something…

This is in fact the recorded time of a standing and a flying lap of the Automation full race circuit. The standing lap was not very clean and I could have probably beaten it by 3/4 of a second. The 3:00.02 was my previous record, done with @chiefzach2018’s A1GP.

Of course this is stupid amounts of +15 tech spam and the car “costs” about 8M to make lmao but I definitely haven’t altered the .car or Beam mod file in any way. I just have something like 3128hp in a car weighing all of 1310kg.

EDIT: work progresses. The car is now more stable around corners but I’m sacrificing speed on the Bavarian. On review of the footage, the rear sway bars are not stiff enough.


Back to more Lilith plug while video editing…

If I tried a bit harder I could possibly have made it more seamless but that wasn’t the point of the cut. Let’s just say there’ll be something very cool in time for the auction lot to come up…


@strop Here’s another jbeam editing trick for you:

You can limit boost in each gear by creating an array in the following lines of code:

Many car manufacturers (and aftermarket tuners) do this to make their turbo cars easier to launch and more manageable in the lower gears. I’ve been experimenting with it in my replicas, and it works like a charm.


This is fantastic and I’ll definitely be looking into it. I wanted to actually remap the throttle and fuel per ESC mode but that doesn’t appear possible.

Can the wastegate limits be set like that or are they hard coded at all times?


The wastegate limits can be variables if you want, they don’t have to be hard coded.

Theoretically, you can vary the boost depending on the ESC mode - but I personally haven’t tried that… yet. :grin:


Well, first things first where did you insert the lines to vary it by gear? If i knew that i would see if it works plugging it into the electronics.jbeam file…

…okay I don’t see how it’s possible to vary the boost depending on the ESC mode unless I’m not understanding how the files parse. I mean, the array for the wastegate comes under "turbocharger": { which comes under the engine.jbeam file. Do you mean to say I can take the turbocharger out of its place in the file and whack the entire section in, say, the electronics.jbeam file under each of the "configurations": {…?

Hold my beer, I’m going in.

EDIT: hang on, getting a beer so it can be held.

EDIT 2: hold up, don’t even need to be inebriated to know that this

"mainEngine": { //turbocharger name "turbocharger":"turbocharger", //Just tells the engine to look for the turbocharger section of this name

will cause problems, I don’t suppose I can make this a path now can I? haha. Or am I going to try and change the entire file tree parsing and whack all the info in one file… maybe I should ask a dev.


No need to insert any additional lines for basic functionality. It’s as simple as creating an array with one unit for each forward gear in the two lines I circled in red.

I think you’re on the right track though for getting it to work with the ESC! I remember seeing something in the Automation-to-BeamNG “supercharger” mod file. There was a line of code in that separate file that would override any changes I made to the “exhaust burble and pop” in the base camso_engine.jbeam.

Let me see if I can dig that up. Maybe that’ll give us some direction or inspiration. Stay tuned!

EDIT: here it is:z021119_supercharge.zip (2.2 KB)

If you look under each supercharger type, there’s a line of code:

//supercharger name
“instantAfterFireCoef”: “$=(($S7Cov22)-15)/100",
“sustainedAfterFireCoef”: "$=(($S7Cov2

And no matter what I did in the camso_engine.jbeam file to change either of the “afterfirecoef” it was overriden by the above line of code in the separate supercharger file. So that got me thinking, perhaps if you were to use similar code in the camso_electronics.jbeam or even create a separate file (similar to the supercharger one and how it’s referenced) I think we’ll get closer to the answer.

EDIT 2: Once we figure this out, we can vary all-wheel drive power distribution by ESC mode too (like the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk). That’s an idea I’ve been bouncing around as well.


When you both figure this stuff out, please start a topic on beam file tweaking for automation cars. I think it would help everyone! :wink::+1: