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Guess this car... anyone have it?





How is that a fabia?


Is it the front of a Kia Stinger welded to a 1 series? Like that picture that used to do the rounds of the Audi/BMW ends stuck to an Impreza.

This thing here:





fabia 3



Doesnt even look close


Mitsubishi Lancer


uhh, it clearly says in the picture its a skoda fabia. How on earth did you even manage to get to that conclusion. Heck the guy even says its a fabia 3.


I’m going to guess… A Shelby Cobra.


this was a shitshow 2/10 would recommend only to IGN


It could be better if I even can make that shape of car without mods


Wow, don’t be so stupid. What a dumb thing to say. Why would anyone say something so stupid.

It’s clearly a Shelby Daytona


People, its clearly a 1983 chevy corvette.