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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


The rear of your new M50 looks pretty damn fine.The front however,looks pretty awkward.Especially the headlight,it’s too thin for a headlight like that.If you want to make a thin headlight,I suggest you to mess around and use those indicators and rear lights and combine them as your LED headlight.You can make your car looks shaper and a lot more modern.You can take a look at the forum and take notes from other’s creation.It will significantly improve your design.Also try using more fixture and experiment more.


@Tsundere-kun thx for the advice i will look at the rest of the forum.For me i prefer making kind of old design (late 80’s 90’s and 2000’s) because i dont like modern cars design so much but like you said for hyper car that must be modern ;).Im glad to see that you like the rear of the M50 :wink:


HA D10 1200
HA D10 - D10 1200.car (18.7 KB)

The HA D10 is a series of cars that was inspired by the first Mercedes A-Class.Its kind of a mini MPV/mini Van with 5 standard seats and standard infotainment.Chassis is made out of aluminium and panels too.The engine is the new 1220cc EcoTron.The fuel consumption is 5.0L/100km for 1139kg.Enjoy :wink:


HA D25
HA D25 - D25 Premium.car (21.7 KB)

Following the new update i realised my first “Inline 5”.A premium break equipped with the new 2.5 I5 N/A (181hp) with double clutch 6s speed transmission and Mechanical Differential.Fuel Consumption 6.7L/100km for 1596KG.Enjoy :wink:

PS.That Engine is a “test” engine :wink:
Edit 15/07: This car is available with boxer 4 turbo (196hp) and boxer 6 (204hp) .Fuel consumption on boxer 4 is 6.2L/100km and boxer 6 is 6.0L/100km.Enjoy :wink:


HA B1 - B1 Surf Edition.car (23.2 KB)

With this car,i representate my vision of the famous volkswagen T3 here in 2018!.So i kept ideas of the original design and i add modern improvements such as front led lights,modern engine,modern gearbox.Engine is the new 1.7 Boxer 4 (155hp).5 Standard seats with basic entertainment.Fuel consumption is 8.8l/100KM for 1753KG.Keep in mind that is one of my first boxer ;).This color is “Surf Blue”.Enjoy :wink:


HA Future
HA Future - Future Premium.car (22.4 KB)
HA Future V8 Edit 20/07/18:V8 variant added
HA Future - Future Premium V8.car (22.4 KB)

Sometimes some peoples tell me that i made kind of old design :wink: (but i like old design).So this time i made a modern looking car (my opinion :wink: ).The car is a “modern” premium sedan with a new design.5 Premium seats and Premium navigation.Engine is a 2.5 Inline 5 (181hp).Fuel Consumption is 7.1L/100Km for 1799KG and 7.9L/100Km,1917Kg for V8 Variant.Enjoy :wink:
PS.This car was done with my first “Inline 5” :wink:

Automation x BeamNG Car Repository

You’re certainly improving, to be honest I thought that some of the earlier designs was a bit like the Ssang Yong of the Automationverse, but the B1 van is chic and cool, and the Future is a real beauty.


im glad to see that you like my car.The future was a challenge for me in terms of body design.So if you like it its a great reward for me :wink:


HA Eltaya
HA Eltaya - Eltaya Standard.car (23.4 KB)

A modern city car with the new design.Engine is a 1.8 DTRE (151hp)with a 6 speed sequential.5 Standard seats with standard infotainment.Fuel consumption is 5.2L/100Km for 1474KG.Color is “Blue Berry”.Enjoy :wink:


HA HatchFly
HA Hatchfly - Hatchfly Standard.car (21.0 KB)
Premium Variant
HA Hatchfly - Hatchfly Premium.car (21.0 KB)

A new modern hatchback .This design is more “classic” but a little more aggresive compare to Eltaya which was more “discreet”.Engine is the well-knowed 2.0 Ecotron (160HP).5 standard seats and standard infotainment.2 finishes available (standard and premium).2 engines are available:2.0 Ecotron (160HP) or 2.3 Ecotron (200HP).Fuel consumption is 6.3L/100Km for 1401 KG with 6 speed manual gearbox with electronic differential and Premium variant with 2.3L Ecotron is 5.5L/100Km for 1521Kg with double clutch 7 speed gearbox.Enjoy :wink:


HA Forza Opening
HA Forza - Forza Opening.car (22.6 KB)
HA Forza Premium
HA Forza - Forza Premium.car (22.6 KB)

A long sedan (4.73M) with 5 standard seats and standard infotainment.2 finishes available (Opening and Premium).2 Engines available:2.2DI EcoTron and 3.0 V6.Fuel Consumption is 6.5L/100Km for 1636KG for 2.2DI Version with Double Clutch 7 speed gearbox.And the V6 variant is 8.4L/100Km for 1767KG with 7 speed double clutch gearbox.Enjoy :wink:
PS:This color is Special Orange.


**HA F52 True Velvet **
HA F52 True Velvet - F52 Premium.car (20.6 KB)
HA F52 True Velvet - F52 Standard.car (20.6 KB)

In HA’s Headquaters we worked on the descent of the aclamed F51.This is the new F52.But this time: new TrueVelvet engine,new design,2 premium seats and standard infotainment.Engine is a 2.7 TrueVelvet 6-DI (238HP and 287Nm).Fuel consumption is 8.3L/100Km with 7 Speed Advanced Automatic gearbox and manual lock differential.Weight is 1813KG.2 Finishes:Standard and Premium.Only one engine:2.7 TrueVelvet.Length is 5.04M .Enjoy :wink:

Automation x BeamNG Car Repository

HA Sempra V16
HA Sempra - Sempra V16.car (22.3 KB)

First Car equipped with a V16.This is a 2 seats coupe with Premium seats and Navigation.Engine is a 3.7 V16 N/A (401HP).Fuel Consumption is 9.0L/100Km for 1321KG.Enjoy :wink:


All of your modern cars look more 2004 than 2018.


@asami thx for review its your opinion but i dont think so.If you read i also made recreation of old cars like the B1.Some of my cars are really modern like ha future,eltaya,hatchfly and many more so…


What’s with the wheels being so far in the wheel arches? A 400 HP car should have wider tires than that to begin with, but if you’re going to put so tiny tires on you should space out the wheels so it doesn’t look so odd.


@Watermelon3878 agree with you and what is curious is when you are in automation the game doesnt light up a warning on the design.


HA Majestuo
HA Magestuo - Magestuo Luxe.car (23.9 KB)

Nicknamed "Gengis Khan"this Premium/Luxe SUV is equipped with a 6.0L V16 N/A (450HP).7 Premium Seats and Premium Navigation.Fuel Consumption is 12L/100Km with Advanced Automatic 8 speed Gearbox and Manual Lock Differential.Weight:2833KG.Enjoy :wink:


Oh dear. This is, quite frankly, one of the ugliest and most repulsive designs you have ever come up with, especially from the front - not even Genghis Khan himself would have approached such an obnoxious monstrosity! At least the rear is better, but the extra indicators there seem unnecessary, and the clear taillights look like they came from Halfords’ discount selection. Also, why does its V16 develop just 450 horsepower despite displacing just 6 litres? The lower front fascia (below the chrome strip on its bumper) is a lot cleaner, but there’s no excuse for a nose reminiscent of a badly-drawn tribal mask.

Edit: After seeing a revised version of the Magestuo (what a silly name that is!) I am much more confident of Genghis Khan giving it his approval. Its larger, more powerful engine is much more befitting of something so nutty, but more importantly, it looks so much better up front and in the back.


HA Magestuo Rework Nicknamed Gengis Khan
HA Magestuo - Magestuo Rework.car (21.8 KB)

Yes @abg7 the first design of the magestuo was…Special!but i realize a rework.So following the @abg7 review i’ve done a rework.This time design is more “conventional” and engine is now a …12L V16 (868HP)and in the same time i kept the economy setting on this V16 and it is N/A.But the weight is now 3202KG for 14L/100 Km with 8 speed Advanced Automatic with manual lock differential.Enjoy :wink: