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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


@Lorenztype sure


HA F53

Standard Variant:
HA F53 - F53 Standard .car (20.8 KB)
Premium Variant:
HA F53 - F53 Premium.car (21.7 KB)

The sucessor to the F52 (post 148 on this thread).This time new design,front and rear suspension,new platform and body.3 Premium seats and Premium Infotainment for premium variant and 3 Standard seats and Basic Infotainment for standard variant.Made for heavy delivery,this van is equipped with a 2.7TrueVelvet 6 DI (238HP).Zeta 9 Tronic (9 speed adv auto).Open differential.Weight:1824KG.Fuel Consumption is 7.6L/100Km for Premium and Standard is 7.4l/100Km and 1742KG.Enjoy :wink:

Score (Premium):157.7 Heavy Delivery
Score (Standard):164.9 Heavy Delivery


HA BT 21
HA BT 21 - BT 21 Premium.car (23.7 KB)
V6 Version
HA BT 21 - BT 21 Premium V6.car (24.5 KB)

HA’s New SUV.Equipped with a new engine:2.1 EcoTron MZ (185hp) and available with a 3.0 V6 EcoTron this vehicle is capable of all purposes.5 Premium Seats and Premium Infotainment,Bang & Olufsen Audio System HA’s NaviMap,Auto A/C,sunroof.Weight:1707KG.Fuel Consumption is 6.9l/100Km.GT Tronic gearbox (7 speed double clutch) and Viscous LGD.Enjoy :wink:

PS:V6 Version is 7.9l/100Km for 1747KG.GT Tronic Gearbox with Viscous LGD


HA Opal
HA Opal - Opal Premium.car (21.3 KB)
HA Opal - Opal Standard.car (21.3 KB)

HA’s new break.Designed to offer a nice confort with a sporty look its the best friend of the family.5 Premium seats and Premium infotainment.5 Standard seats and standard infotainment for standard variant.Engine is the 2.1 EcoTron MZ (185hp).Weight:1577 KG(premium) and 1506KG (standard).Fuel Consumption :6.5l/100Km(premium) and 6.3l/100Km(standard).Viscous LGD.GT Tronic Gearbox(7speed double clutch).Enjoy :wink:


I know I use them too much myself, but the NSX lights don’t seem to fit this design.


@Watermelon3878 thx for your review.I like these and on this break they are good for me :wink:


HA S35
3.5 V6 Variant
HA S35 - S35 Standard.car (21.0 KB)
4.0 V8 Variant
HA S35 - S35 Premium.car (20.9 KB)

HA’s sport sedan.Inspired by some Jaguar XF and Audi A4/A6,this sport car can give real sensations but with a good comfort for you and your family.Enjoy :wink:

Neil Sport Design Variant
HA S35 - S35 Neil Sport Design.car (21.7 KB)

Neil Sport Design variant:
NSD look at that car and said “hum… im gonna make my version of that so lets go!”.So that result in a new design new powerful engine etc…


Standard 3.5 V6 (290hp)Variant:
5 Standard Seats and Infotainment
GT Tronic Gearbox (7 speed double clutch)
Fuel Consumption:7.4l/100Km
Mechanical LGD
0 to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds

Premium 4.0 V8 (343hp) Variant:
5 Premium Seats and Infotainment
GT Tronic Gearbox
Fuel Consumption:6.9l/100Km
Mechanical LGD
0 to 100km/h in 5.59 seconds

Neil Sport Design 5.3 V6 DTRE (624hp) Variant:
5 Premium Seats and Infotainment
GT Tronic Gearbox
Fuel Consumption:9.7l/100Km
Mechanical LGD
0 to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds


HA T30
Standard V6
HA T30 - T30 Standard.car (24.6 KB)
Premium 2.1 185
HA T30 - T30 Premium.car (24.6 KB)

HA’s new MPV.that was done with new fixtures (so thats a bit experimental in terms of design).Idea was a dynamic MPV with high drivability comfort and security in mind.Design in collaboration with Neil Sport Design.Enjoy :wink:


Customers can choose between 2 engines :2.1 EcoTron MZ and 3.0 V6 EcoTron

Standard 3.0 V6 (220hp)Variant:
5 Standard Seats and Infotainment
GT + Gearbox (6 speed double clutch)
Fuel Consumption:7.6l/100Km
Viscous LGD
0 to 100km/h in 7.26 seconds

Premium 2.1 EcoTron MZ (185hp) Variant:
5 Premium Seats and Infotainment
GT + Gearbox
Fuel Consumption:6.9l/100Km
Viscous LGD
0 to 100km/h in 8.1 seconds


HA Slera
HA Slera - Slera Entry.car (20.4 KB)

This is special.In France you can drive a car without a license!.They’re limited to many factors that i cant reproduce in automation but i try my best.Mostly they’re know for being limited to 50Km/h (sometimes 45km/h)and max ~ 10hp.So HA decide to produce a little car (i think we called it like this in english).Enjoy :wink:

Entry 203cc i3 (7hp)Variant:
5 Standard Seats and Premium Infotainment
Access Tronic Gearbox (4 speed adv auto)
Fuel Consumption:4.4l/100Km
Open Differential


In Portugal you can do that top, normaly they have 2 stroke engine


@Lusobyzantine yes i know but in automation theres no 2 stroke engine yet so … :wink: thx mate


HA T40
HA T40 - T40 Standard.car (22.7 KB)
HA T40 - T40 Premium.car (22.7 KB)
Premium V8
HA T40 - T40 Premium V8.car (22.7 KB)

HA’s Ford S-Max inspired MPV.Made by families for families!.Big Space inside,high comfort,good engines that you ever dreamed of.Enjoy :wink:
Standard and Premium :
7 Standard or Premium Seats and Standard or Premium Infotainment
2.1 EcoTron MZ (185hp)
Zeta 8 Tronic (8 Speed adv auto)
Fuel Consumption (Standard):6.8l/100Km.Weight 1714KG
Fuel Consumption (Premium):7.0l/100Km Weight 1819KG

Premium V8 Variant:
7 Premium Seats and Premium Infotainment
4.0 V8 (343hp)
Zeta 8 Tronic
Fuel Consumption:8.0L/100Km.Weight 2074 KG


That looks extremely out of proportion from the side.








Its proportions are so bizarre, it looks like a wagon with a hastily tacked-on boot, and a very long one at that.


Hello! It’s because of the massive parcel shelf! Perfect for putting your little solar powered nodding dog, or your real dog… or small horse.:yum:


Yes is that :wink:

@abg7 @Watermelon3878 and @SideswipeBL to be honest,objective was to make the longest sedan ever .but yes the proportions are bizarre but i love the look remind me some Vel Satis.


HA Hatchfly Sedan
Standard V6
HA Hatchfly Sedan - Hatchfly Standard.car (20.7 KB)
Premium 2.3
HA Hatchfly Sedan - Hatchfly Premium.car (20.7 KB)

One time in a HA selling point a customer ask to one of my contributor:“i like the hatchfly (post 146 on this thread)but its too short i prefer a sedan”.So we decide to do a Hatchfly but in a sedan type body now with modernized look and 2 engines.Enjoy :wink:

Standard and Premium :
5 Standard or Premium Seats and Standard or Premium Infotainment
2.3 EcoTron (200hp) or 3.0 EcoTron V6
GT Tronic (7 Speed double Clutch)
Fuel Consumption (Standard V6):6.6l/100Km.Weight 1514KG
Fuel Consumption (Premium 2.3):5.3l/100Km Weight 1552KG
Geared LSD
V6 variant 0 to 100km/h : 6.3s
2.3 EcoTron 0 to 100km/h:8.10s


HA TS20 - TS20 Standard.car (22.3 KB)
HA TS20 - TS20 Premium.car (22.3 KB)

Edit:Premium AWD and Premium V6 AWD Added

Premium AWD (2.1 EcoTron MZ 185hp)
HA TS20 - TS20 Premium AWD.car (22.3 KB)
Premium V6 AWD (3.0 V6 EcoTron 220hp)
HA TS20 - TS20 Premium V6 AWD.car (22.3 KB)

HA’s new MPV.Inspired by BMW 2 series and Ford S-Max,this car was made with high drivability and comfort in mind.The TS series is just as the same as T series but with sport design.Enjoy :wink:
7 (5+2 in the trunk) Standard or Premium Seats and Standard or Premium Infotainment
2.0 EcoTron (167hp) (can be ordered with 2.1 EcoTron MZ (185hp) or 3.0 V6EcoTron (220hp)and AWD if needed)
Zeta 8 Tronic (8 Speed Adv Auto)
Fuel Consumption (Standard):6.2l/100Km.Weight 1620KG
Fuel Consumption (Premium ):6.4l/100Km Weight 1701KG
Geared LSD
0 to 100km/h is 10.3s for Standard and Premium is 10.7s


Pretty cool for a wagon, though may I ask: what is the need for a 2.0 and 2.1 liter engine? Wouldn’t it be more effective to have a broader distance, maybe 1.6 and 2.2?