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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


New Car!!!
**HA Future CityCar ** proto
HA Future CityCar - Future CityCar Discover.car (20.7 KB)

So the goal of this car is a city car with low speed and low RPM to fit urban use.3 Variants (Entry,Discover,Premium) this is the Discover variant with a Straight 3 N/A engine. Like always my engine are focus on fuel economy so this one is 4L/100km with 5 speed manual and with the 4 Speed automatic Gearbox is 4.2L/100km.For this variant i use 4 Basic seats and basic infotainment.
Tell me what you think about that :sunglasses:


Well having had a look at it:

  • The engine is completley unfeasable; an engineering time of 509.5 means it would take just under 51 years to develop that engine.
  • The engine’s power curve also doesn’t offer much, with it essentially flat lining from 2400 rpm onwaards and being severely limited with a red line of 4300 rpm. Any kind of driving above 50 mph would be a nightmare.
  • The gearing could be more lax and would make it even more efficient
  • The basic interior is a bit ridiculous when the minimum cost of this car at 0% is already $11917, which is pretty high for a city car as is.
  • The suspension is way too spongey and soft and has a huge roll angle despite having such a low curb weight.
  • It’s very low on the comfort side with a score of just 20.0
  • The chrome trim around the windows is ugly
  • The car doesn’t look modern at all


mate this car isnt a regular was a PROTO i know thats would not work but was a proto


Just giving my honest thoughts.


yes i will post the premium version and this is real deal.You said about the chrome trim but on all of my vehicles is chrom window trim so and the car doesnt had to look modern because its a new design from me :wink:


HA Future CityCar Premium proto
HA Future CityCar - Future CityCar Premium.car (20.7 KB)

Premium variant of Future CityCar with premium apointments.Engine is 1.6L Straight 4.Consumption is 4.6L/100km


Alright first off, lets ignore the styling, although personally, I’m not a fan. Now to the actual review

Firstly, this car is about as uncomfortable as sitting in a garden stool during an earthquake. 18.2 comfort in 2018 is frankly crap, especially considering this is supposed to be a premium car. Also you might want to improve your safety, basic 10s safety is basic for a reason.

Secondly, noone uses a 4 speed manual anymore. Even a bottom spec shitbox from 2004 comes with a 5 speed manual. What makes this decision to use a 4 speed more confusing is that it has a geared LSD, sports compound tyres and launch control. What city car needs launch control. It also has brake cooling airflow, which is pretty much overkill on a car like this

Moving to the engine, power cuts out too early. Either use forged pistons, or reduce the aggressiveness of you VVL and cam timing. Regarding the internals, you’ve used mostly forged internals when you could easily have switched to all cast (except for the piston).

Your engine is also using race intakes which as the name suggests, is for race cars not small city cars. Throttle per cylinder is also overkill for such a small family car. Additionally, at least one muffler is needed, after all it is a city car.

HA Future CityCar - Future CityCar Premium.car (20.7 KB)

Ive made some tweaks and changes. Its now a lot more comfortable, retains some sportiness, has better fuel eco, driveability and safety, while only being a bit more expensive.


thx for the reply and the tweaks you made for that car i know all you said (race intakes and other) but again was a proto in my brand not a regular car.i have the ha city (in this thread too in neil sport variant) but i want it to try something else with a wtf engine design and settings so im not surprising by your reviews :smile: . so i completely assume this car lol but its like you said Doritos a city car after all.i think im gonna look at your modifications and make a regular model after few tweaks i need get keep it affordable.thx for your review and this model if you want you can look at my other model in this thread (theyre are more serious that this) :sunglasses:


HA Future CityCar regular
HA Future CityCar - Future CityCar Premium.car (20.8 KB)

Follow the reviews of @DeusExMackia and @Dorifto_Dorito i have done heavy modifications to the car by itself
engine was swapped from race intakes to standard intakes (less economy but more coherent with the type of car)rework torque power and fuel efficient after the engine new design (less special :sunglasses:) new suspension new confort and new gearbox double clutch 7 speed with mechanical differential but i keep premium interior etc… enjoy
PS: its a little bit more expensive that was i planed for but its ok :wink:


HA Utility
HA Utility - Utility Discover.car (20.0 KB)

The goal of this vehicle is a utility van for workers.Made on the Magellan’s platform.2.5 L Straight 4 Turbo Engine Treated Steel panels and Galvanised Steel chassis.9 speed advanced automatic gearbox premium seats and infotainment for low price (14523$ at 0%)
I obatained good score on this one tell me what you think about it :sunglasses:


I’m not really focused on recent cars this far, but 14500 $ for a utility vehicle doesn’t strike me as “cheap”, especially for what seems to be quite a small/light van. I guess by saving on the infotainment (a real-life 2018 european utility van will get at best a basic, 50$ radio+bluetooth with two speakers).
As it is, it evokes me more of a '00s premium MPV, like the Mercedes Viano


So my eco box costs about less than 10k$.


@flop404 i didnt said its “cheap” ive said is low price its different but yes its kind of low price for premium info and seats i wanted to keep premium info and seats.You re right when you said its like a mercedes viano.


@Lorenztype good for you but this is a “premium variant” of a utility van


A sorry.I mean your Eco box.


@Lorenztype yes its a premium variant of the normal HA Utility


This whole thread makes my head spin, but I guess that’s just the odd fishbowl perspective used for all the pictures…


@Private_Miros i dont understand what you mean


This is basically a company thread at this point.


HA H4 Premium
HA H4 - H4 Premium.car (20.1 KB)

Affordable premium sedan with 2.0L Straight 4 with turbo (standard intake) standard seats premium infotainment (like most french “premium” sedan).tell me what you think about it :wink: