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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


So it’s no ricer but looks ugly in rear (Looks like making Alfa 4C with Chrysler 300), front is ok (I think front looks like nissan sentra)
How much horsepower is in that 2.0 turbo?


@Lorenztype Iknow that the rear looks weird :sunglasses: but its normal. This 2.0 is 160 hp (like Citroen C5 2.0 HDI)


Ok.How much that car weights and how much fuel use?
(Looks like you are waiting for diesels?)


@Lorenztype Yes im waiting for diesels.This car needs 6.4 L/100Km for 1717 KG


Wow this is good result.


@Lorenztype thx mate


What year is it?


@Lorenztype 2018


HA A20 Discover
HA A20 - A20 Discover.car (22.3 KB)

Regular Break for little families, 5.2L/100Km,1264 KG,Full Aluminium,9 speed advanced automatic gearbox,year 2018.Inspirated by some Ford like the Mondeo :sunglasses:


So my Ferrain Hatchrike from 2018 in 180hp 1.4 liter EcoSport version needs 4.8l/100km and weights 1500kg.
That combi looks good in front but rear isn’t good.What about being more creative and make cars with look like 2018 not 2010.
That weight in Combi is very good , and is that fast on acceleration?


@Lorenztype I like that look.but design is subjective.i dont know what you are using in terms of gearbox in your 1.4 Ecosport but mine is 1.6 DTRE so its 200cc larger than youre ecosport so the 5.2l/100 km are normal for that engine.But if i use manual gearbox or double clutch i can get 4.8L/100Km but advanced automatic is better in terms of confort.Acceleration (0 to 100km/h is 10,4 sec ,same as the C5 2.0 HDI 160, with adv automatic isnt a race engine lol but its fine)


I used 9 gear adv automatic and 0-100km/h is about 10 seconds.And i don’t think that my engine have normal balance between fuel economy/performance.




There’s something… disturbing with the overhang on the H4

The H4 has almost no overhang, wich, seen in profile, looks unusual for a sedan design.

This does look like a small hatchback converted to sedan, like Peugeot and Renault did with Clios and 206 for export market, but this does seem somewhat wrong to my eye

Same-ish issue with the H20, with a long rear overhang as expected on a wagon, but a really short front one. Somewhat unbalanced but then that’s the appeal of large wagons :wink:


@flop404 you totally right h4 was a hatchback converted in a "small wagon"with long rear but short front like 306 sedan (for other market).I do it because i want that those cars (a20 and h4) are for exporting.thx for your review :wink:


HA R60
HA R60 - R60 Premium.car (25.7 KB)

Premium SUV without 4x4 transmission (2.3L 4x4 and 6.0 V12 4x4 also available).Engine is 2.3L EcoTron (Straight 4 with Turbo).6.5l/100km for 1800kg.9 speed advanced automatic with premium seats and infotainment.enjoy :wink:
PS:the 2.3L 4x4 version is 6.8l/100KM and has a manual lock differential for 1910KG and 6.0 V12 is 11.2L/100km with differential too and about 2100KG


HA R80 Standard
HA R80 - R80 Standard.car (24.5 KB)

Big 4x4 with manual lock differential,2.3L EcoTron Engine,200HP,2300kg,8,5L/100km Advanced Automatic (6 gears)standard infotainment and seats .Enjoy :wink:

HA R80 Premium
HA R80 - R80 Premium.car (25.1 KB)

Same as R80 Standard but this time its the Premium variant with premium info and seats,8.0L V8 552hp,919Nm torque and 6 gears advanced automatic,2747 kg and 12L/100Km,7 seats version available.Enjoy :wink:


This kind of modern design?:man_firefighter:


Nope.He uses his design.All people have their own styles.If you look at my car and his cars at rear you should find the differences.


how about buy the game, and then you can give an opinion on design? if we can actually call what you make “designs”