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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


So i am getting points on sites to get legal copy of game on steam.“I don’t make designs , I make nothing”


@MasterDoggo the picture you post isnt my design.my design are MINE not taken from other players like @Lorenztype said it right. @JohnWaldock having a non legal copy and trying to get legal one is a great thing, but saying "oh you dont have the legal game so you’re nothing i paid so i’am"isnt a valid argument.everyone make what they can and make their own designs anyone aren’t well placed for saying "ok youre design are this or that"we can"t judge.think about that my friend :wink:


Noones saying anyones opinion is invalid because you’re pirating the game. However it is a crap practice to pirate games, especially for indie games. And with Steam sales and refund policy, getting the game legally is so much easier. Just buy the game, play it for a bit to see if you like it, and if you dont, refund it.


@Dorifto_Dorito im sharing your opinion about pirating game but i have to say that before you test and then you buy but piracy isnt the subject here :wink:


I already posted away to test games without resorting to piracy

1)Buy game on steam during a sale
2)Play it to see if you like it
3)If you don’t refund it

Steams refund policy mean that there is really no excuse to pirate the game.


@Dorifto_Dorito i didnt said that piracy is good or whatever but isnt an excuse its just my opinion. personnaly i bought automation and im really happy with it :slight_smile:


hi, yes. David, i wasn’t implicating you at all in this. but, Lorenz has been running a pirated version for about a year, if not longer. it’s super sketch, illegal, and all around a dick move.


@JohnWaldock ok no prob mate i didnt know :wink:


no worries. i did’t make it too cleat to begin with


No you don’t get it, I was answering to LorenzBoi, who gives you advice that he doesn’t apply himself.


@MasterDoggo ok


HA Outdoor
HA Outdoor - Outdoor V8.car (21.3 KB)

A 4x4 pick-up with a V8 (a v6 and v12 variants are available).This is classified as a heavy utility.4.0L V8 4x4 with manual lock differential and advanced 9gears automatic gearbox.Enjoy :wink:
PS:Fuel consumption is 9L/100Km for the v8 variant (2092kg)


HA Avanti Lusso
HA Avanti - Avanti Lusso.car (23.6 KB)

A 5 seats MPV with a 2.0L Ecotron (160 hp) with Premium seats and Infotainment.This is the Lusso (premium)variant of this car.Fuel consumption is 7.0L/100Km with Double Clutch 7 Speed gearbox for 1533Kg.Inspired by Fiat 500L.Enjoy :wink:


HA Ambassador Regency
HA Ambassador - Ambassador Regency.car (20.9 KB)

A Big Premium (luxe) sedan with a 4x4 transmission and a 4.0L V8 with advanced automatic 9 speed gearbox.Premium seats and Luxe Infotainment.Fuel consumption is 9.0L/100Km.Around the mufflers there’s not chrome but light circles.Enjoy :wink:


I’m gonna say this again, Why the fuck is this a “Review” thread.

This is a company thread at this point.


@Vri404 ok but i want to post that here so rename it i saw ok its good now :wink:


Hmmm… The front seems a outdated to me, and the liftback rear looks quite odd from some angles to me, but with a twin-turbo V8 under its hood, the Ambassador ought to be fast.


Just a tip, I would make your photo presets zoomed in a lot closer so the cars take up more of the picture and we can see your designs better. A little depth of field/soft vignette would help the cars stand out from the background too. :wink:


@abg7 yes rear looks a little bit odd but is what i like in this car.Yes she’s quite fast 267km/h for about 2.300Kg thx for the review :wink:

@Chickenbiscuit yes i will try to work on the photos thx for the advice :wink:


HA R20
HA R20 - R20 Discover.car (22.0 KB)

A standard 5 seats two door SUV (inspired by suzuki jimny) standard seats and infotainment,16" wheels.Engine is 2.3L EcoTron (200HP) available with either 5 or 6 advanced automatic gearbox.Price is 11910$ at 0%.
Fuel Consumption is 5,2L/100 km for 1394 Kg .Enjoy :wink: