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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


HA F51 Premium
HA F51 - F51 Premium.car (20.7 KB)

A heavy delivery-utility vehicle with 3 Premium seats and standard infotainment.Engine is the new 2.2 DI (direct injection) EcoTron (153 hp).Fuel Consumption is 7.8L with advanced 9 speed automatic gearbox and his weight is 1747KG.Enjoy :wink:


HA Douglas Premium
HA Douglas - Douglas Premium.car (22.1 KB)

A Premium Hatchback with 5 premium seats and infotainment.Powered by the 2.2DI EcoTron(153hp) fuel consumption is 6.0L/100 Km with 6 speed double clutch with a Mechanical Differential for 1434KG.Color here is Special Green.Enjoy :wink:


HA Regency
HA Regency - Regency .car (19.8 KB)

Recreating stuff is on the road this last years and i was searching for vintage design in my car collection and i falled on this muscle car i was design for the year 1976.So i retake it and modernize it but i keep original engine and put it on a Multipoint EFI.I also modernized interior with 5 premium seats and infotainment and suspension are identical to the 1976 design so its hydropneumatic suspension.Engine is a N/A 6.0 V8 with 5 speed manual gearbox.Fuel consumption is 14L/100KM for 1765kg keep in mind that the engine isnt design for economy this time.Enjoy :wink:


**HA Grenadier **
HA Grenadier - Grenadier Standard.car (29.5 KB)

A MPV with 7 standard seats (5+2 in the trunk) standard infotainment.Design was named “Ballistic” in reference to the contours of the front fog lights and rear contours of the exhausts.Engine is 2.2DI EcoTron (153hp)with double clutch 7 speed gearbox.Fuel consumption is 6.0L/100Km for 1422KG.Enjoy :wink:


**HA D30 **Reworked version below
HA D30 - D30 Premium.car (20.0 KB)


A premium Break with 5 premium seats and infotainment.Engine is 3.0 V6 EcoTron with advanced automatic 6 speed gearbox.Fuel Consumption is 8.1L/100Km for 1634KG.This car was equiped with a AWD transmission.Enjoy :wink:


AWD or 4x4? Because 4x4 is stupid in anything that isnt meant of offroading.


@Dorifto_Dorito AWD and for the rest you said is your opinion


How is that an opinion? It’s a simple statement of fact.

Also, why continue your pictures in that botched perspective?



no for me is an opinion but anyway its AWD

If you have the perfect setting for pictures feel free to send me in PM.I re-do the pictures i think is better now


Most modern cars have an 8 speed auto. Was the 6 speed a conscious decision, or did you just click and not look back? 8 speed autos can have huge mpg and acceleration advantages. You can gear it to go 250 mph (even though the car could probably only manage 120) and get great fuel economy while still having 5 or 6 usable gears.


@Watermelon3878 i love using 6 speed auto but all of my cars are designed to use 8 or 9 speed advanced automatic gearbox and they are variants with 8 or 9 speed adv auto of my cars


Thanks for clarification :slight_smile:


@Watermelon3878 no prob mate :wink:


My D30 was inspired by some mercedes and old american cars (80’s and 90’s):slight_smile:


Yeah ok for you it’s an opinion but it’s not… 4x4 is used for offroading only, we did not invent it to annoy you.

PS: And I have severals questions for your HA D30 engine, it’s not bad at all but some choices are weird:

  • Why forged steel crank? Cast Iron is enough
  • Why Lightweight forged conrods? Cast is enough here too
  • Why revs at 5700 RPM when your max power is at 6300 RPM? Reving at 6700 RPM seems to be a better option and doesn’t require any forged things.


@MasterDoggo no prob mate my choices are standard for most of my engines.I prefer to use forged because i dont like cast iron.But next time i will try cast iron :wink:


Yeah but it has no sense, you doesn’t require them, it’s a waste of money/engineering time (and you also need forge) ¯_(ツ)_/¯


@MasterDoggo next time i think im gonna make cast iron what you think about my D30 apart from that


Do everything on cast iron, then if your engine requires something forged, put forged things, but only if it technically needs it :wink:
Apart from that on the purely technical side, Glued aluminum chassis is not so adapted to a premium car for me, it limit the production. The adv. automatic gearbox needs something like 8 speeds and you should at least choose Alloy wheels, steel doesn’t sounds very premium in 2018.

And the design doesn’t works for me, there is not any LED things inside the lights, and it looks more early 2000’s than 2018.

Apart of this, you have a good drivability stat (if you increase the rev at 6700rpm you have 81) and not a bad comfort. I think you could reduce the fuel consumption, but it’s ok (and you would probably lose power by doing this).


@MasterDoggo thx for your review.i will try full cast iron.next if i used aluminium was for reducing wait of the car but yes for the production its limit it.Adv Automatic usually in my brand is 9 speed of 8 speed but sometimes i used 6 speed because i love it.Then yes i will use alloy wheels next time i think.I like 2000 and old cars in general so yes my design is more 2000 than 2018 ;)For fuel consumption i adjusted it a bit but not that much because if i do i will lose power.thx