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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


Re-Worked HA D30
HA D30 - D30 Premium.car (20.0 KB)

Following the review of @MasterDoggo ive reworked the D30 with cast iron engine alloy wheels steel chassis and panel adv automatic 8 speed gearbox and new front design and some other stuffs.Enjoy :wink:


HA M50
HA M50 - M50 #1.car (23.6 KB)

Luxury Hypercar with a 5.0L V10 (929 hp).2 Premium Seats and Infotainment.Chassis is made out of aluminium and carbon fibers panel.Engine is mid placed (Longitudinal).Pushrod Suspensions.Price is 83345$.Enjoy :wink:


How is it an opinion. Only offroaders use 4x4 systems. All modern others are AWD systems (even when marketed 4x4).

There’s a large spectrum between perfect and fishbowl deformed.

Just move your camera back and zoom out less extreme.


@Private_Miros ok i knowed that the others are AWD but originally when i wrote 4x4 i was a little confused because sometimes they are marketed 4x4 like you said when i looked back i correct my miswrite.Concerning picture im not a photograph and i redone the last pictures but thx for the advice :wink:


HA Exera Premium
HA Exera - Exera Premium.car (18.1 KB)

A premium pony with 5 premium seats and standard infotainment.Engine is a 4.2L N/A V8 (323hp)with a dual clutch 6 speed transmission.Fuel Consumption is 8.5L/100Km for 1773KG.Enjoy :wink:

PS:Edit 11/07:I re-done the pictures :wink:


But why don’t you move the camera back so that can have a normal focal length and stop having a distorted perspective?


@Private_Miros next time i will try to move the camera a little bit back.What about the car ?


I think proobabilly is one of the best car you do, good job! :slight_smile:


@pasinenkovarpos thx to you ;).im glad to see that you like my car


One tip I’ve been told for photographing cars is a focal length of about 80. Should stop the fisheye look


@Vri404 thx for advice i will try it next time :wink:


HA Supremacy
HA Supremacy - Supremacy.car (22.1 KB)

A “80’s” type Luxury Limousine transposed in 2018 with modern apointments such as front led lights and modern premium alloy rims with 8 Luxury Seats and Luxury Infotainment.Active Comfort suspension with active sway bars.Engine is a 4.2V8 N/A.Fuel Consumption is 13.5L/100Km for 2770KG.Personnally this is my favourite car among all i created.A 5.0L V12 Variant is available.Enjoy :wink:

PS: I completely reworked my photo setting :wink:


Maybe it’s a little bit too late but I’ve got some tips that might be helpful.It’s about the hypercar you made.

  1. As a hypercar,you car doesn’t really eye-catching except your mega wing,your M50 looks like some random 2000s hatchback and that’s definitely not a good thing for a hypercar.

  2. Don’t use 91ron fuel.Nowadays 95ron fuel is really common and most supercar actually use 98 ron fuel.It’s not wrong,but it’s awkward.

  3. Fuel mixture is way too rich.Resulting bad fuel economy and way too low octane value.I recommend you to lower the fuel mixture value to around12~13 and make the compression higher to maximize your engine’s efficiency and performance.

  4. Your engine’s redline is way too high.Your engine generates 930 Hp at 7500rpm but loses power significantly after 8000rpm.I suggest lower your redline at 8000rpm or it’ll lose a lot power(649Hp at 9000rpm).It makes your car not performing well.(As a ~900Hp beast)

  5. Your cooling flaps is not really necessary.They’re not improving economy so much.Like I said before lower your fuel mixture value to have a better economy(I get a decent 11km/L fuel economy after a little twist).Don’t use cooling flaps unless absolutely necessary.

  6. Your tyre is a little bit too narrow.Make them wider,your car will become a lot more grippy.Also bigger rims.Around 19~21 inch is better than 18inch imo.

  7. Last but not least,you need MOAR cooling.For a ~900 Turbo-charged engine.You car definitely doesn’t have enough cooling.Although UE4 version doesn’t give a shit about cooling but it’s still bugs me.Make more cooling,the car will look like a actual hypercar instead of a kit car.

Well that’s all.I hope my bullshitting can help you.Your hypercar has incredible stats overall.Keep up the good work my friend!


Thx @Tsundere-kun for the advice.i will try it next time.:wink:


HA Spacer Facelift
HA Spacer - Spacer Premium Facelift.car (26.9 KB)

When searching for a nice mpv i found an old MPV i done for the year 1986 to 1988.So i transposed it to 2018 with modern led lights,completely new design and new engine.Talking about the car itself:5 Premium seats and Premium Navigation.Engine is a 2.3L EcoTron Straight 4 Turbo (200hp).Economy is 6.0L/100km for 1978KG.Enjoy


HA M50 Rework
HA M50 - M50 #1.car (23.7 KB)

Following the review of @Tsundere-kun i reworked my M50.I reworked the engine,no cooling flaps this time,new front and rear design and new apointments.Enjoy :wink:


The rear of your new M50 looks pretty damn fine.The front however,looks pretty awkward.Especially the headlight,it’s too thin for a headlight like that.If you want to make a thin headlight,I suggest you to mess around and use those indicators and rear lights and combine them as your LED headlight.You can make your car looks shaper and a lot more modern.You can take a look at the forum and take notes from other’s creation.It will significantly improve your design.Also try using more fixture and experiment more.


@Tsundere-kun thx for the advice i will look at the rest of the forum.For me i prefer making kind of old design (late 80’s 90’s and 2000’s) because i dont like modern cars design so much but like you said for hyper car that must be modern ;).Im glad to see that you like the rear of the M50 :wink:


HA D10 1200
HA D10 - D10 1200.car (18.7 KB)

The HA D10 is a series of cars that was inspired by the first Mercedes A-Class.Its kind of a mini MPV/mini Van with 5 standard seats and standard infotainment.Chassis is made out of aluminium and panels too.The engine is the new 1220cc EcoTron.The fuel consumption is 5.0L/100km for 1139kg.Enjoy :wink:


HA D25
HA D25 - D25 Premium.car (21.7 KB)

Following the new update i realised my first “Inline 5”.A premium break equipped with the new 2.5 I5 N/A (181hp) with double clutch 6s speed transmission and Mechanical Differential.Fuel Consumption 6.7L/100km for 1596KG.Enjoy :wink:

PS.That Engine is a “test” engine :wink:
Edit 15/07: This car is available with boxer 4 turbo (196hp) and boxer 6 (204hp) .Fuel consumption on boxer 4 is 6.2L/100km and boxer 6 is 6.0L/100km.Enjoy :wink: