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HA Automotive


HA Automotive is a French Car Brand that focus on performance and economy. most of the time downsizing never exist in my philosophy so with my brand you can find V6,V8,V12 and also Inline 3,4,6.I completely build my cars and engines so there’s no real designs but inspired by some real models (G40 was inspired by Kia Ceed and R30 was inspired by R-Class from Mercedes for examples)so enjoy :wink:

HA G40 Premium

Premium break with a 4.0L V8.Full Options.9 speed Advanced Automatic gearbox
HA R30 Premium

Premium MPV with a 2.0L (economy).A version with a 3.3L V6 Bi-Turbo is also available.Full Options.9 speed Advanced Automatic gearbox

HA City Neil Sport Design

City (Race) Car with 3.3L V6 Bi-Turbo Double Clutch Gearbox (7 Speed) Special Body And Big Wheels for race purposes only (647 BHP and 670 Nm)!!!.Less expensive models are available with Inline 4 and Inline 3 engines.

HA M10 Concept #2

Concept Car with a 8.8L V12 (1594 BHP and 1489 Nm redline: 7900) 2 Sport Seats and Luxious interior Double Clutch (7 Speed)


One of the cheapest car i made its a sedan that cost only 8195$ with a 1.0L inline 4 with 92BHP and 112 Nm 6 Speed Manual Gearbox.More expensive versions are available (with 2.0L Inline 4 and 2.4 V6 Neil Sport Design)

Enjoy. Tell me what you think about these if you like my models i will post more of them!!! :wink: