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Hampton Motor Group (HMG) [Generations II]


Is the nevis going to share styling with braemer?


If recent company lore is any indication, the new Nevis will essentially be a Braemar pickup.

And regarding any potential overlap between the Venator and Harrier:

As I have stated previously, the 2002 Venator (and its four-door sibling, the Vanguard) could be ordered with a 6.5-liter V12 as the top engine option; the contemporary Harrier could not. Another difference is that the Harrier is a smaller two-seat sports car, while the Venator is a two-door, four-seat grand tourer based on the Vanguard luxury sedan.

And here is an overview of the new V12 that will be offered in the range-topping trims of the new Venator and Vanguard:

For comparison, here is an overview of the 5.4-liter V8, as used in the Harrier:

Compared to the V8, the V12 weighs almost 50 kg more but develops 90 more horsepower and 75 more lb-ft of torque and is around 50% smoother, with a redline 200 rpm higher.

I know the new Hampton V12 has even more potential, but whether or not HPR decides to exploit it remains to be seen.


That still doesn’t seem like enough; it’s like saying a SL65 is different from a GT convertible because of the V12 and 4 seats. It isn’t. That’s what led to the death of the Mercedes SL (which should have just been the GT).


I think it’s more like saying that a SL and a CL is different, which they are, if I have understood the difference between the models right?


Back in '02, they were aimed at different customers (the CL was a personal luxury coupe and the SL was more of a straight-up sports car) - and Hampton has applied the same logic here. The Harrier is a smaller and lighter car than a Vanguard, Valiant or Venator equipped with the same engine. Therefore, it is better suited to the role of pure sports car than its larger siblings, especially since it lacks a rear seat.


2007: Hampton Powers Up

Above, from left: Fairlie 3.0 AWD, Fennec Turbo, and Vanguard 6.0 V12 Elite.

Among the changes to the Hampton range for the 2007 model year were:

  • Fennec: The flagship HPS trim was powered by Hampton’s first turbocharged engine, developing a heady 250 horsepower to the front wheels, tamed by a limited-slip differential and fully independent suspension at each corner. This engine would also find its way into the Vulture.

  • Fairlie: No longer an old-school 4x4, this nameplate has been resurrected for a premium unibody AWD crossover, powered by a smooth 180-horsepower 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine.

  • Vanguard: Refreshed for 2007 with a sat-nav system and MP3 player compatibility as standard, this is still the most luxurious Hampton to date, available as a 4-door sedan, with two or three rear seats - in the former, a cooled storage compartment (for drinks) replaces the central rear seat. All other Hampton passenger cars would gain sat-nav and MP3 compatibility by this time.

  • Harrier - Facelifted on the outside, this sports car now delivers 430 horsepower from its normally aspirated 5.4-litre V8, and is a more formidable offering than ever before.

  • Nevis/Braemar - Facelifted for 2007 with more obviously retro-inspired styling instead of the original cheerful face, but still a highly capable off-roader.

Above: 2007 Harrier in Sapphire Blue Pearl. Below: 2007 Braemar II in AA Yellow, designed in conjunction with @Marcus_gt500.

Despite concerns of a major economic recession, Chairman Tony remained optimistic about his company’s prospects - the revisions he had made to his company’s range weren’t too drastic, given that he was already using sound underpinnings across the lineup.

Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]

@abg7 Is the Harrier coming to Generations?


Not unless there is a sports car category in a future round.


you could have put it in the Sport compact segment


Shouldn’t the harrier have multiple trims?


I must say that the 2002 Braemar is growing on me… Didn’t like it at first but the more I look at the “happy face” front, the more elegant and less clownish it gets.


The Harrier is too expensive for that, and so does not qualify for sport compact status. And yes, I did make two trims of the Harrier - an original 2002 version and a facelifted 2007 model.


show 2002 version


You can find it here.


What is GT S2 if there is no GT S1?


The original 2002 version will be referred to as GT S1 from now on - the post-facelift version introduced in 2007 will be called GT S2.


that is…unusual.


Is this what you used for 80s Valiant?




thanks. what did you use for '85 Ferret (out of curiosity)?