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Harada Motor Corporation | Harada-Auto, Harada-Commercial, Harada-Powersport, Harada-Aircraft, Ditana, Rakuda Cars |


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Harada was founded in 1956, by Kimado Harato. The company was originally called Harato Motors. Now, it is a very large Japanese corporation, which has expanded to produce more than engines and motorcycles.

Currently, Fenton Holdings Limited (@kmBlaine 's company) , Fabrique d’Automobiles d’Alsace-Lorraine (@Knightophonix 's company) , and FaehrGruber Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung hold shares, each with 26%, 19%, and 51%. Previous shareholders were Temple Incorporated and Kurashiki Heavy Industries. (@Vri404 's company)

Harada is famous for it’s reliability, and for the size of the company. The company has 10% share in FaerGruber Commercial, to expand to foreign commercial markets, outside of Harada-Commercial, and 100% in Ditana, which produces and has Kei cars, small cars, and budget cars, especially for developing markets, which are sold as Harada’s in some places (think, a combination of Daihatsu, and modern day Datsun). Harada also owns Rakuda, a premium-luxury brand, HRT, which stands for Harada Racing and sports Team, Harada-Powersport, which produces ATVs, motorcycles, boats, and more, and Harada-Aircraft which produces aircraft and jet engines. Harada-MV produces military land vehicles based off normal Harada models, for both private militant and government usage.

Harada shows as Harada Motor Corporation (7233) on the Nikkei Index


Key individuals: Izumo Harato (President) Sasori Yoichi (CEO)
Production output: 17,233,586 units
Revenue: ¥37,199,370 million
Profit: ¥1,937,350 million
Total assets: ¥8,229,739,106 million
Number of employees: 429,184*

Previous Titles

1956-1968: Harato Motors
1968-1996: Harada Motor Corporation
1996-2006: Harada-FG
2006-Present: Harada Motor Corporation





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Also, I’m open for more partnerships with companies and such!

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TSR Automotive

I think some of the car names sound a little to fancy for average cars. Also, I don’t understand the name changes?


The name changes are like this
Harato Motors: Named after company creator
Harada Motor Corporation: Becomes a fully fledged large company, another expansion
Harada-FG: Bought out by FG
Harada Motor Corporation: No longer bought out by FG (fully)


Watch out Auxuras :smirk: @Starfish94

New models will come out by 2020


Hokuto Aria SR, some Jinhe SR models and now Harada S-R sports cars?


I was referring to the fact that there are 3 different SR’s… may get a little confusing?


New Releases at NAIS 2019