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Hard Rooster's Mods



Hard Rooster’s 76 Series Mod Pac

In the mid 70’s the United States is celebrating its bicentennial with gas shortages, stagflation, horrible air pollution, and the recently revived Equal Rights Amendment has lost traction. For auto makers, new emissions regulations coupled with stubborn manufacturing and management styles is allowing Japanese auto makers to carve away at American market share with high quality fuel efficient cars. It’s the beginning of the malaise era for auto makers, and this mod pack is here to give you those not so fond 'meh’mories.

You get;

6 Grills
3 Headlamps
2 Vents
1 Indicator

Note: The indicator provided you’ll notice has trim only around three sides. This lamp is intended to work around corners on two different faces of the body. Refer to the images for ideas. It’s a bit hokey to work with, you may need to play with cardinal locking, rotation and reflectors to get it to work.


Hard Rooster’s 67 Series Mod Pac

It’s 1967, and the United States of America is about to head into what may be the most singularly momentous year of the century. The cars are getting more powerful, faster, the chrome is more modest, but the scent of Michelin Musk carries in the air from stop light to stop light. You’re going to need to strap on one of these grills, inspired by Buick’s, Pontiacs, Fords and more.

You get:

9 grills with 2 inserts/embellishments.
2 Vents
1 Fuel Cap
1 Miscellaneous Facia treatment.
1 pair of headlamps


Hard Rooster’s 56 Series Mod Pac.

It’s 1956 America, the jet age, the atomic age, the space age, and chrome is plastered over every conceivable concave and convex surface a car can handle. Auto makers borrowed heavily from the aerospace industry in their designs, and so does this mod pack

You get;
7 Grills, 2 of which are decorative add-ons intended for you to use with other grill elements.
6 Headlamps with 3 bezel designs, with or without cross-hairs. They also work as tail lamps.
2 Vents, One turbine, one plain
2 Indicators which can be used as tail lamps.
1 Door handle.

This is the first mod’s I’ve made and published, so feedback and issues will be appreciated. Let me know what’s working, what isn’t and I’ll do my best to get some fixes and update them.


NOS mod pack available now, circa 1967.



NOS mod pack available now, circa 1976.