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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


Since there’re many light fixtures already. I’d like to request “Handwiritng alphabets” as logo please?
Especially for 50s ~ early 70s design.
Also a license plate (just plate, not with the holder) with no wrapping to any parts. (as the equivalent of the plate is in the grill section, and it does wrap to the parts and body)


Not going Vanilla, AVAILABLE IN THE WORKSHOP NOW! Just some things I did for fun.



Gotta admit, it just bloody looks right. Would NOT want to drive it like that, though. 662ci big-block and FWD would be bad enough, now let’s add a blower…

Edit: And yeah, runs fine enough on my ancient GTX 275. Have to turn some settings down as it is, so when I want a good picture, I just bump a few settings back up a little.


YEAH FINALLY! Thank you a lot! Now my 71 Bestia will have the right looks!

  1. In line with sculpting body fixtures, fixtures that attach to the front/rear end that would extend the grille line out from the body which would then take the actual grille/vent/lights.

  2. Wheel arch extensions / fender skirts

  3. Ability to place different wheels on each axle

  4. Side pipes in plain/shielded/perforated shielded/color matching shielded. And turnable to be used as smoke stacks. If they could be mounted on a fender like car replicas of 1920’s or thirties type cars, be nice too.

  5. Tires with white/red/yellow/gold/blue sidewalls. You know, if you do the ring, ya gotta do raised letters next …just typing.

Thanks Santa =)


Thanks a lot!



I’ve already combed through the thread and saved all the relevant photos, so if you already posted an idea above, I have it. If you have other MODERN grill requests outside of those, post them down below so I can get started on them.


18’ Mazda grille, 18’ Volvo grille, 18’ Opel Insignia grille.


Since no images were provided.


and I’ll toss in my own thoughts.

RR Phantom

2018 Ford Focus

Subaru Levorg

Hyundai i30N



I’d rather like to see these, parts encircled in red especially.



YES. Facsia moldings, so we can do cool shapes and stuff that contour to the design language of the car. More lower-front fascia stuff would be cool too! :slight_smile:




Could you please add a completely retangular shape to the modular lights mod? like the box on the tails of the r30 skyline


Not my mod




You can also use the Sealed Beams that are vanilla in the game.


Can we get wrc styled wheel arches/fender flares? Like on modern WRC cars.



The vents and grill circled in red would be nice


Cooking up some grills


is that a spiderweb?