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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


Another bunch of goodies.


So much smile! Like an angular 00s Mazda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUhlRoBL8M




Who wants moar?

Totally not this;


Definitely not a bunch of Civic Type-R stuff.


Got another one;


This one isn’t a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport Turbo…nope.


I feel like the game needs more 90s fixtures. A tried making a generic 90s sedan for one of the car shopping threads and all the fixtures looked too old or too new




Remind me, is “the pinnacle” a high point or a low point?


For GM, there is no difference.


Boxing these up and shipping them out now.


Doing late 90’s, early 2000’s stuff is hard because everything is so blob and bland and…identical. It really comes down to the detail you do with your cars. Feel free to post examples of what you want tho, I’m always happy to present your ideas to the devs.


I love the Elantra Sport side vents! Probably one of my favorite modern side vents.


Civic EG headlights, Xsara taillights, Celica T180 taillights…


1st gen Ford Focus door handles :thinking:


@hard rooster pretty much everything in Vicvictory’s pic but different shapes and colors. Especially that center “headlight” thing

Also, I have no idea what decade most of the existing vanilla fixtures are from


I’ve built you some wheels.

We are gonna do wheels this month :slight_smile:


MOAR WHEELZ! :smiley:


When will be the next update?I desperately want all these goodies NOW!