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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


That, is my only question about these beautiful fixtures!


I dunno if you’re taking requests, buuut…

Slotted “Shelby” type mags

Classic Enkei’s - 8-spoke and snowflake

The Subaru H-alloy

Classic RX-7 and Supra Mk 2

Saturn teardrop (with and without accent paint)

Mustang-type teardrop


I’m definitely taking requests, you can help though by making sure you supply high resolution pictures of the wheels straight on so I can model directly from them.


If this is possible…

I love these wheels


:heart_eyes: YESSSSSS!!!

Love your work, please go on :+1:

I asked for increased indikators for the bumpers, do you have had time to work on them?


nice job on the wheels, though if you do get back to making grilles, here is one I haven’t seen yet.



Trabant and '90s Swift and Lada steelies. I welcome anything that is steel but a bit different to the default set :stuck_out_tongue: Amazing work so far!


Automation lacks simple thick 5 spokes, maybe something like this can be added.


Some plastic hubcap with steelie behind.

It is not exactly the same but… you get the point and a good photo if you are intrested to give it a try.


Another day, moar presents…


And I’m adding your pictures to the to-do models folder as I go, so keep em coming!


Rota Grid V

Lotus Esprit Turbo

Some e28 Wheels, not 100% sure on brand/name. Not 100% sure if straight on enough too.

Fifteen52 Turbomac

Some of these might not be 100% fitting for vanilla automation though.

Edit: Found some more

Two McLaren 12c Wheels

McLaren 720s Wheels

918 Weissach Wheels

Standard 918 Wheels


that 5-spoke is super hawt. And nice to have another steelie option!


If you want a good resource for wheel shapes and styles, some crazy BMW fan has assembled a site that documents pretty much every wheel the company has ever made:



Jesus christ mate you’re flying




Well, over three months have passed since I posted those Galant lights with the pill-shaped elements and not a single like… I guess I have an odd taste in aesthetics.

I feel that we do not have enough vertically-oriented lights in the game. How about some Cadillac STS headlights?

Those are probably the most generic shaped vertical headlights I can think of. I think they could look good on a wide variety of cars. Apparently Cadillac had an experimental LED option too; though not too many photos around of the LED ones. I’ll keep looking for them.

The Lamborghini Gallardo has some headlights that could be useful as well. Good pics here.

Pontiac had some interesting wheels that were bolted onto the large brake drum itself in the 60’s… that may be cool to have.

Voxx Lago

ATS Classic

BMW Style 162 (Thank you to MrChips for that website) I love the concave shape these have.

You should be able to see what I’m talking about with them on the car

Lamborghini used these on quite a few of their cars. Very interesting looking.

If you need any more photos of anything, let me know and I’ll try to find some better ones.


I just wanted to show how important a straight on image is for modelling. Here’s an image that appears straight, but isn’t quite, so to model this wheel, I’ll have to wing it a bit, which is OK for such a simple design, more complex wheels though can be a much bigger challenge to “wing”, so please keep that in mind folks when looking for wheel photos.

Otherwise, keep them coming! I could use a few more retro wheels, preferably stock. Maybe some 80’s wire wheel hubcaps that stick a mile out from the wheel :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s one of those sticky hubcap thingy. Off the '81-'85 Cadillac Seville.


Simple twin 5 spokes suitable for all blobs.


Cossie wheels.

Pepperpot alloy.

Spinny ninja blade.


Supra wheels.


Here’s a few ideas

This one has some depth.

Maybe some thicker 5 spoke options?


wonder what this car is… :stuck_out_tongue: