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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


Gah you hit my sweetooth marcus for car that you have in the backround


They’re all Lambos… hmm… I wonder why that would be…


All lambos? You sure? lol


i look better because i dont find :slight_smile:


DeTomaso Pantera GTS at first photo.
At second photo Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole , i guess.
At last photo Lamborghini Diablo i don’t know what version of it.
I guessed correct?


Would love to see some Watanabe RS wheels.


There already is that wheel in the vanilla game


I do believe the ones already in are not deep-dish and have larger spokes.


Jeep Timberline (from the 1999+ WJ Grand Cherokee)
Volvo Cetus (as seen on the 850 GLT)

Mazda3 BL steel wheel with hubcap
generic Euro van steel wheel (specifically requesting one of this design with a flat cover; the one in-game that’s similar to this has a cover that sticks out quite a lot)
Lexus RX350 wheels (note that the outer spokes that flank the main five-spoke pattern appear as a slightly different finish)

please and thank you :smile:


And for some scans of some classic Japanese wheel brochures:
Look Here!


Are these drains that look like Japanese wheels or actual Japanese wheels.


They would be the coolest drains ever! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m surprised no one’s suggested wood paneling yet!
It’d look great on cars all the way up into the 80’s. My idea was to have different shapes: rectangular panel, one to fit around wheel arches and a triangle shape. Not sure if getting the wood texture into the game would be an issue though.


Trust me, people have suggested wood paneling many times.


I don’t think wood paneling would work as a fixture, would have to be a body variation


Or a paint region combined with a new paint “texture”…


You don’t think it’d work like the body moldings that they have under the bumper bars section?


Step 1: Try taking a body molding and stretching it to fit from just behind the front wheel arch, to about midway through the rear arch, and from the rocker panel to an inch or two below the window line.

Step 2: Enjoy all the distortion, tearing, and other horrible things.

(no, it won’t work like that)


Yes, it is very disturbing lol That’s why i suggested using different shaped variants of the fixture and piecing it together like a puzzle along the side of the cars


If you could morph fixtures like spore then maybe, maybe it could work with a handful of bodies

Edit: those are some awesome rims hardrooster