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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


Wheels of the day.


Lets say… 2,3,4,6,7,9 and 12.


The name is written on the wheels. I have passed the photo to you, why, having enough wheels, I find it more practical


I hope that ~700x700 is high resolution enough, thanks for checking the suggestions, here come the higher resolution pictures, with the original size for scale reference.

  1. Volkswagen Passat Hubcaps (14 Inch)
  2. BMW E36 3-Series Hubcaps (15 Inch)
  3. Toyota Supra (A70) Sawblade Rims (16 Inch, shown without center cap)
  4. BMW 3-Series Hubcaps (15 Inch)
  5. BMW 3-Series “Bottle Cap” Rims (14 Inch shown without center cap)
  6. Honda Prelude (5th Gen) Rims (16 Inch, shown without center cap)
  7. Honda Civic EG Hubcaps (14 Inch)


Since the 30’s Gigantic Roadster is out, I built a suitable meme wheel to go with it. Enjoy on the workshop…for free :smile:

P.S. Suzzane sticks her tongue out at you when you morph the wheels :stuck_out_tongue:



Since I lack the time to make them myself…

How about some Toyota MR2 AW11 three spokes?

Centre cap is missing from the large image, so here’s a (huge) reference image for it:


Isuzu Piazza

Italdesign Maserati Boomerang

Citroen CX Turbo

Ford Falcon EF GLi hubcaps


Sent these four in today.


I don’t know if it is, but the top left looks like it’s inspired by the Chiron. (Not a bad thing :slight_smile:)

I’d like to mention again how much I appreciate your work, this game really does need some more modern fixures


no, the top right wheel’s off a 918.

btw really appreciate those four-spokes and the truck wheel, sick


That hubcap wheel is perfect, great work :ok_hand:


Sum hubcapz


A couple of personal picks


Brazil’s most famous (and worst) wheels


The top one! So much yes! Please.
Then we need a Cobra body, and/or a proper -69 Charger.


Let´s hope they come into the game with the next update


This thread perfectly sums up why I’d never start modding. I couldn’t cope with people relentlessly suggesting millions of 1980s alloy wheels for me to model.


They could not do all at once.

I would like to do some mods as well, but i can´t get a simple badge into the game…:disappointed_relieved:


Apologies if this has been posted already, but this current beetle wheel looks nice


I can’t see the second pic