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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


omg yes we NEED torq-thrusts


I have a suggestion for a mid 2000s 5-lug American rim like what you’d find on a Ford F-150/Expedition/etc. of that appropriate time series. @HardRooster.

If it is too much for you, I understand and am waiting for the current content that you have made to be shipped out to Steam Workshop soon.


Can we get standalone downloads for your mods in archive?


There won’t be downloads. You’ll see the mods in the next update of the game :wink:


I’ll preface this by saying it’s a dumb idea I had while taking a shower this morning, but how difficult would it be to implement small fixtures that were attached a bit like your hatch spoilers and Porsche wing that are designed to go over the windows on cars to change the visual shape of the window? Here are some ideas I’ve come up with for basic shapes that could be used for this effect. Variants that have a second trim color around the inside-facing edge that can be used to match the window trim color might also be nice, but I’ll leave that to your judgment.

(also while I’m asking for weird stuff something like the rear door hinges and third brake light of the Ford Transit might be nice)

Sorry if I’m necro-ing an old thread you’re not interested in doing much with anymore but I felt like this was the best place to ask about this sort of thing, let me know if it’s worth considering or not! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to applaud HardRooster and the other developers/helpers for their work on these fixtures. Using (mostly) new fixtures from the Open Beta, this car is a LOT more aggressive than it would’ve been without them, (especially my precious 666M rims :smiling_imp: and the amazing new splitter options.)

Not only do these make customization a lot more fun for previous players, but more attractive for prospective buyers.

Congratulaciones, this genuinely made customization in automation a lot more fun :clap::clap::clap:

Edit: just found out there’s exhaust smoke now, bonus points :slight_smile:


Are your numberplates not coming into the game? :worried:


2018 Civic Steelies for you… There’s a distinct lack of edgy modern steelies in the game.


Just a quick update. I know a bunch of you have been waiting for license plate fixtures, and I’m happy to report that the system is finally getting some attention. While the details aren’t fleshed out just yet, I expect it to be something like you select the plate family you want (Say the stile above which should be something like Inset_002_NorthAmerica) then select the plate you want (Californa, Gasmea, etc)

Also, I’m completely revamping the meshes I did for these, since the ones I did before I think are garbage :stuck_out_tongue:

And you can thank @titleguy1 for all the license plate textures. He’s done quite a number of them already, there are styles for all the fictitious countries, and a few real ones as well.

Ideally, we can create a large catalogue of license plate textures to choose from, and being able to apply them to a mesh, rather than creating a mesh for each texture (as would be necessary with the current system), will help with the game’s size and performance.


Does that include the license plate surrounds as well? I know we currently have grilles, but it would make for some much cooler and more integrated designs if we could have more specifically for plates. Maybe like these?



Yep, that’s what you’re looking at, a surround made specifically for license plates. I have 3 designed so far, which are just remakes of the three I made months ago, but were never put in the game.


Will it feature a barebones just blank plates? And euro size?


Nice California plates! (Totally not biased since both of us are California natives)


[insert shameless request for Georgia-inspired plates here]

Actually though it might be kind of a neat idea:


In the place of “Georgia” you could have “Automation,” in the place of “County Name” you could have something like “Camshaft,” and the “Georgia inside a peach” motif in the background could be replaced with the Automation logo.

Probably not really worth doing to be honest, but I think it might kind of look cool.


I’ll just drop the current plans I have for the plates. These are ones that are either in queue/done, but are all real life locations.

  • [US] California (old & new), Michigan, New York (old & new)
  • [JP] Shinagawa, Tokyo & Sapporo, Hokkaido (Passenger & Kei)
  • [EU] Germany, Italy (Rome), UK (Square & Long plates, yellow & white)
  • [AU] New South Wales & Victoria (1960s & modern)
  • NZ (classic and modern)
  • Generic Automation Plates
  • Automation Countries (Wide and Square plates)

These are all for the vanilla game!


There’s 3 distinct eras of California plate.

There’s the the yellow on black era (1963-1969) which is also quite popular as a custom plate in present day. Originally came with just 6 digits.


There’s the yellow on blue era (1969-1986). This is basically the same as the previous ones, but with the colors changed. Came with 6 digits originally, later expanded to 7 digits in 1980 when they ran out of 6 digit combinations.


And finally, there’s the modern era, which is various versions of blue on white. You seem to already have that covered, but I’m wondering if we’ll get all 3. (Would be very useful for Albatross Motors, based in California.)


I was planning on doing all three for everyone to use, yes.


yes, we need huayra and zonda bodies! XD:+1::+1::+1::+1:


This is just my honest opinion, but the US spec California plates could’ve done without the indentation for it to be mounted on the trunk.

It makes it particularly wonky and hard to justify if you want to use it to have front-mounted license plates for if your build is for a place that requires a front license plate.
California law requires a front facing license plate in addition to the rear facing license plate for example.

Just my two cents on the new plates.


Can you do this Polish plate? It means corrupted/broken/dead (P0 PSUTY) image