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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


we need diffusers


these splitter suspension arms

also some duck tail spoilers would be nice


You can make all of that stuff pretty easily out of existing fixtures though.


I think as far as diffusers and stuff goes, we could use something like a rounded version of the mudflaps with no logo and/or mudflap like fixtures that sit farther into the body. We could also really use basic trim pieces with some depth so you can place the over grills/vents without it looking like its floating over them.


@Knugcab @Quotex

I’ll be tackling your suggestions first. I’ve already done some experimenting with license plate frames and indeed I can make them work. Wipers TBD… Stay tuned.

@Mikonp7 @Chickenbiscuit

Your suggestions got as many,or almost as many votes, but they’ll have to wait for the first set of fixtures to be completed. But at this point they look like the next ones up.

Everyone else, keep submitting new ideas and voting with the like button.

Edit: I already have a proof of concept prototype, utilizing pod-light technology, for a front license plate bracket;


Also to address what others have been suggesting: IMO there’s no point making discrete fixtures out of modern lights because they’re characterized by a housing with many components inside that make it up. If you take all of that and make a light out of that then it ends up having a very specific look and a very limited use, rather it’s better that we have a wider variety of generic shapes and parts to combine to make modern styling possible, it’s totally doable and I think it’s pretty much the only real way to do it at all…


Rond popup head lights like the ones that porsche and miata had



I think it’s obviously true that it’s better to make complex headlights and diffusers out of basic shapes, but that’s only the case for experienced designers who have spent lots of time with fixture placement. I’d suggest that for a large majority of Automation players, some modern diffusers and headlights would be useful to make cars look pretty decent without having to spend the time lining up every fixture and making everything perfect.

You might even have some sort of compromise by having one variant with all the components inside for one-and-done use, and one with just the exterior housing for layering use. For diffusers, one with just the cutout and one with all the fins and everything inside.


I don’t think it has to be one or the other. We should have some ready-to-go fixtures for casual players, plus more advanced solo-objects for advanced tinkerers.


I have that vent.

My suggestions:

-New Volvo S60 body.

-2014 Seat León body.

-late 10s led headlights and taillights (like Honda).

-10s ~bull~ full size SUV body.

-A looking-similar 10s Lagonda Taraf.

-10s B-segment urban body.


Just to tack on to that – and this might be better to request as vanilla content – but could we get North American standard 6x12 inch (15x30 cm) plates?

The elongated Euro plates always look so wrong when I am trying to make NA designs and morphing them to size is an inexact science.

@goblin95 I would like to voice my strong support for 1950s / 1960s style lettering.


Update: I’ve got your 6x12 and Euro sized plates as well. Front brackets and rear fixtures are ready for testing.

*Each Rear Inset Variant is available in either US or Euro sizes.


The license plate insets are awesome!! I do have one kinda constructive criticism though, they seem a little too deep. Idk if it’s just me, but if they could be a little more shallow it would make it a solid 10/10 :slight_smile:

Disregard this if there are more coming that will be different haha


That’s as shallow as they can be and have them stand at a 90 degree angle. Any closer and the plate gets stuck to the y-0 axis and you get all kinds of weirdness. The depth is mostly dependent on the angle of the panel being placed on, the steeper the angle, the deeper the plate will be.


Okay fair enough! Still looks really good :ok_hand:t2:


Will you make car bodies?


At this time, I don’t make car bodies, there are a half dozen (or more?) other people doing that right now.


80s headlights remind me the 1984 Skoda 120 “M” facelift

But also, I really want to have the rear lights of the Skoda 120 “užovka”
I think, the rear lights are cool…
Cool car for ordinary people, in the socialist paradise


A CB radio antenna. And a classic antenna that we can change angle, since the one in the game stays crooked if put on a angled surface.


I have a couple suggestions, but they dont really fit any particular era/theme.
A Trailer Hitch (that somehow stays on)
Medium and Tall Dodge Charger Daytona/Plymouth Superbird Style Wings. (By medium I mean level with most car cabs of the era and by tall I mean 1.5-2x as tall)
A license Plate that hangs down.
Hood Pins (I’m just seconding these as someone already suggested them)


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