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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


I would love a new scoop along the lines of the Ford GT40 MkI hood. Maybe some variants with different depths.


Please tell me there’ll be variants of the license plate insets without the license plates in them.


You already have a million of those, they’re grills. Just change the grill texture to paint.


Update: I have some wipers working. They are a little fiddly, so I made 4 variants at different angles/depths so you can find one that works for your body.

Also, headlamp wiper;



How about some italian/european 70/80/90’s Magnesium rims


Is that a giant wiper squeegee? :smile:
In any case, I’m excited for its release now.


Wheels are going to be @accent methinks.




Curved chrome strips for the wheel arches


The first set of requests is nearing completion. Not-Charger headlights, back-up sensors, a licence plate light fixture and a couple thumb trunk button deals.

I think all that’s left for the first set of requests is the Charger tails.

For the reverse sensors, I set them up to make life as simple, or as hard as you want. There’s just a single one by itself, and there is a pair, which you can place, then mirror and scale accordingly to get a perfectly aligned foursome;


It’s so HANGRY!

But the first community suggestion package is complete…now I nap.


A fin, not a Finn. As in “decorative sticky-uppy wing pylon without the wing”, so we can add them to bodies that don’t have…or pretend to make something totally not Batmobile-like.


There’s a notable dearth of small cars for the late '80s and early '90s. How about a 1985 body based on the Peugeot 306?


We had its 5 door body in Kee, so I guess it will eventually come back in UE4 without making it from scratch (hopefully).


There’s loads of small 90s bodies in the old kee engine (that was the most filled demographic in the game), just be patient for them to return for UE4.


The Kee version also had a body based on a Mitsubishi Colt, available as a three-door hatchback, two-door coupe, four-door saloon or five-door estate; it became available from 1987 onwards.


These mods are fantastic, can´t wait for the update :grin:

I would like to see more hubcaps for the 60s/70s like this

or rims like this


It would be great if we could place indikators into the placeable bumpers, maybe you could use the base from the license plates for this.

sometimes is wish i have grills, that coulkd stood out al little like the old Mercedes or Rolls grills, it may works also with the license plate base…

:thinking: these headlights would be nice to have by the way :wink:

Is there a way to make taillights without edge and working overlays? With a square, triangle and a quater circle form we could make millions of different designs :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the very good work :+1:


Those wheels are for @accent :stuck_out_tongue:

As for grills, I’ve made one in my 76 Series mod pack that sticks out like that, but it doesn’t look right on many bodies. That grill flows with the body line of the Merc it’s bolted to, I just haven’t seen it translate in game the same way.


I think some of you will like this one :wink:


I think you’ve misspelled something there. Shouldn’t it read “Borscht”? :wink:


Basic letters and numbers that you can change the colors on.