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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


It didn’t take me very long to make this Huracan-esque light with only one mod (indicator with 45 degree turn), and the best part is that it’s not 100% identical.
I’d prefer to have bits of lights and housings rather than having the lights themselves. For example, the hexagonal lights of the Huracan would be nice to use instead of circles, or the strange shapes I had to use for mine. Just having more shapes to use in general would be nice.


Update: 14 Variants of one headlight shape done. Coming up next are going to basically be these styles, but in various shapes… Once we have enough shape variety, perhaps I can work on a mix-n-match set like we hashed out in prior posts. Also, I’ve included a variety of LED shapes which you can apply to these, or any other existing headlamp.


Update: 14+1 Variants of the next shape are done. These are based off of the not-Charger headlight shell I did a little while ago. More inbound next week. Happy weekend!


I’m not quite clear on this but are the individual parts going to be available separately?


Another shape coming Soon™


Very nice
Do you know when they are available in the game?


I don’t know, I can only assume it’ll be with the next update, which may be the lite campaign, which I’m really looking forward to myself.


Could you make some sunroofs?

There is a mod for glassunroofs but steelsunroof is missing and maybe a folding roof would be nice.


Moar Soon™ shapes


And still moar Soonness™


Aha, the Bimmer shape.


I see you with those bimmer lights.

*Says the guy who has made so many blatant BMW rip-offs he could run a Chinese knock-off BMW company

I approve


These are going to transform the game!!!


Update Time, got another pack done. This concludes the shapes I’ll be doing from the suggestions. However, I will be making more sets based on existing families of vanilla lights already in game. So expect more headlight fixtures for a little while still. Once I’m done with headlights, I’ll move on to grills, then tail lights;


Spare tires were already suggested?


Couldn’t most of the headlights be converted to tail lights?


I use headlights as taillights all the time. I honestly don’t get why there even is a distinction anymore.

I have even used taillights as headlights.


I use taillights as headlights more than I use headlights as headlights, and vice versa I think!


I think the primary distinctions between modern headlights and tail lights is going to be shape, and complexity. As always, you will be able to use tail lights as headlights and vice-versa. More options is better than fewer options. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, spare tires have been suggested, and I’ve repeatedly forgotten about them. I was driving on the freeway the other day and a G-Wagon drove by…and my first thought was “Shit, I still need to make spare tires.” If I keep forgetting, keep reminding me, at some point I’ll have time to do them. Maybe I’ll do them once I’m done with headlights, but before I start on grills.

As for when you guys are going to get a chance to play with all the new fixtures and bodies, looks like we’re just a few weeks away, check out KillRob’s latest little dev update;


Continental or covered spare wheel covers for the truck lid, rear bumper mount and side fender mounts.
Open spare tire mounts for front and rear fenders as well as rear hatches.
Taillight mountable icons and letter.