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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


The first set based on the vanilla headlights is done. The 3 existing variants are on the left of the chrome strip, to those I’ve added 14 more. Coming Soon™

Edit for the next one;


If you can, some side bumpers to be used as bumper continuations would be nice. We’re having real trouble making 70s and 80s cars with stand off bumpers because the only bumper continuation on the game is from the 50s. Example:



If you could add some headlight intakes to the modular headlight mod, that would be great.


That’s very niche though.


And also really easy to do with existing fixtures.


About spare tires, what do you think about this arrangement?
Or this one?
Can be archieved?


What would be the point of an under the bonnet spare wheel when the rest of the engine bay has zero details and the hood can only disappear, not be opened?

100% for the 205 style spare tho.


I thought that if the spare weeks works, it will be possible to add also the Battery fixture, the radiator and the wiper liquid tanks.
As a proof of concept.

I’m thinking about fixtures that don’t create a hole (like the modular headlights) and are placed under the body mesh. Once you remove the bonnet, you will see them, filling up the engine bay.
It will give some extra good reason to show the car without the bonnet.


@HardRooster - How about raised bonnets? Basically a hole in the “bonnet” and an angled plane (various designs). Would that be possible? :sunglasses:

Maybe this would be interactive with @NormanVauxhall battery/washer fixtures.


Along those lines… maybe some thinner “power bulges” similar to the existing ones in the game, so you can make hoods have more texture and visual flair without going full Redneck Camaro? Or various ways to introduce creases or swales of various sizes and shapes without integrated vents?


To expand on that thought lets not forget some other uses for an exposed spare tyre

(also some exposed bonnet hood and door latches like these would be handy for older 4x4s)

And if the underbody proof of concept works then perhaps a tray mounted spare for utes?
Not sure if it was mentioned before but towbar and side steps might be a good options

Actually on the point of 4x4s a proper snorkel too
Plus the return of a proper 4x4 roof rack would be great as well.

As @VicVictory says below most all of the stuff I have mentioned is available as factory options as seen on the Nissan Xterra with regards to the roof rack and sidesteps

And here sidesteps and snorkel are factory fitted on the Hilux Rugged X


though that rack is an aftermarket, a great factory example would be from the Nissan Xterra.

On the subject of exposed spare tires, ones mounted to a swinging arm (Like a 1st-gen Sportage or an old Trooper/Passport) would be good.


Thanks for all the spare tire ideas, I wouldn’t have thought about swing out style, or exposed style either, though I don’t know how that would work with mismatched rims.

Got a couple more vanilla lights incoming;


make the spares in two styles: a default steelie, and one with a black tire cover. Seems it would cover all bases.


I think that modern VWs have a kinda cool door handle design that doesn’t have something that’s 100% close in the game.


Got some more done the past two days. Making good progress, and thankfully I’m almost done.

This is three families crammed onto one roof.


What i would like to see, is some grills with no depth or a little one, to make shapes in car like this


Headlights like on the original Twingo could be useful for cute cars, and grills/scoops like the ones on the bonnet could be useful as well.


For more modern car designs, I think adding grille bars would be cool to give more character to a grille, and more bonnet fixtures to sculpt lines in the body styles. Take the late Town and Country: simply the chrome bars from the grille, and then bonnet fixtures that could make shapes like this would be awesome!



I can see the headlight at the end of the tunnel. “badumtiss”