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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


Don’t know if it would be here, but some decals to use OVER windows, or the posibility to delete them to make something like the rear windows in the Venom GT and other supercars


The grill bars you can make it with a normal grille and put some chromed bumpers on a top layer. I did this for a Mini Cooper Replica Car Replicas

I like the idea for some asimetric hood scoops to make that bonnet (you could do something similar mirroring to ,making the bigger, and rotating, but would look akward near the windshield or the grill)


Fixtures cannot be stamped on windows. You also misunderstand how bodies are created in automation.


i REALLY don’t understand anything about fixture or body creation :joy:

It was just one of the things that i bump into trying to make some cars, suppose someone with modding abilities could take one of the vainilla bodies and mod-out the rear windshield (which is the annoying one when making supercars replicas)


It actually is possible to do stuff over windows. You’ll see it when my windshield wipers make it into the game. But it has to start off the window, so it’s a bit of a hokey thing to do and would be really difficult to implement as a mod.

In other news, this last set should wrap up the headlights project…finally!

(Now remind me to make spare tires!)



Make spare tires :stuck_out_tongue:


I appear to have lied. I must tackle tail lights first, grills and…I’m sorry…Spare tires…will have to wait a bit longer. I suspect tail lights won’t take nearly as long though. I’ve been asked to take a lot of the vanilla headlights, and convert them to various versions of tail lights, so you’ll have lots of tail light shapes, and new styles, to play with.


No problem. Do your best!


you have yet to answer my question from 25 days ago,
“I’m not quite clear on this but are the individual parts going to be available separately?”
(I.E. projectors, led lenses, light bars, led strips)


He pretty much said no, and l5 made some.


Thank you for clearing that up.


cough Open bonnets… :smiley:



May I suggest a fixture like the Astro’s third brake light? I feel like this would be useful for vehicles that didn’t get redesigned before CHMSL regulations came into effect as a “stopgap” measure to implement them (basically what GM did when they put this brake light on).


First set of tail lights from vanilla headlights is done.

The left half shows one set, the right half the other.

As a bonus, I circled an extra headlight I made. Once it was brought to my attention what the headlight was supposed to be, from a Benz SLS AMG, I took a stab at making a more detailed version of them. The old version is next to the new ones for comparison.


Volvo 740 mirrors, many 80s car had a similar shape…most mirrors I find in the game are more “stand alone”, not as integrated as them.


Those billion variants of head and taillights will be so perfect to roleplay crappy early 2000s aftermarket :raised_back_of_hand::pensive::ok_hand:


Yes, This so much! It was pretty much the default for the 80s just look at a sample from 1984 below for reference.

1984 Toyota Camry

1984 Honda Accord

1984 Mazda 626

1984 Nissan Bluebird

1984 Nissan Maxima

1984 Mitsubishi Galant

1984 Mercedes Benz 190

1984 BMW 3-series

1984 Audi 100



Porsche 997 mirrors.

I get off to this shit.



@Knugcab as well,

I’m sorry I can’t dedicate more than a couple hours to it, but I threw these together to hold you over. I’ll include them as a bonus to the next set of tail lights I submit, which should be later today. I basically made 2 versions, with 2 different V-angles each to accommodate most of the late 70’s to 80’s bodies.


Also gonna toss in a spare tire…just one…mainly to establish the family and GUID for it so i can come back to it and add stuff later.