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Have an idea for a challenge, but no time


I’ve been kicking around an idea for just about the last 10 months or so. I’ve just not had the time to do it. Normally, this is when work would be slowing down, and I’d have a couple days off; that doesn’t appear to be happening this year. So, I was wondering if anyone would like to take off with my idea.


shoot ahead


I generally enjoy creative writing, what did you have in mind?


I was thinking, as we get close to October, I wanted to have a “costume challenge”.

We could have different categories, such as “Celebrity Look-Alike”, where users submitted their versions of famous cars. Now, since we’re not all from the same place, it might be important to include something like a youtube link to the source material (like, I’m sure everyone knows who KITT is, but the Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino might be a mystery to someone, not from the states).

“Scary Monsters”, where the designs would be truly terrifying.

“Over-the-Top”, for the designers who make the anime/furry-mod vehicles to get it out of their system.

There should be a fourth category, but I haven’t really thought of one yet.

The host, rather than judging the contest, will act as moderator: Collecting the designs, then introducing them, and seeding them, so that the community can vote on them. Each winner will then go into a final round, for “Best of Show”.

What do you think?


There was a user, who had these amazingly horrific designs. I believe one was called the Jaberwocki. I just can’t remember who did it, and the search bar is no help.


Fourth catagory could be best parody. A car that is, for all intents and purposes, an exact replica sans any cpoyrighted material. Other options would be wost mods, have a picture of your regular production model, then an over rice, slammed, rodded, etc version of it. Maybe some throw back models (see Tex Avery “The Car of Tomorrow”).


This is not even a bad idea.

I wish that challenge would become reality.