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Hayluso Motors


Hayluso Motors is a car brand founded by 3 brands: HA Automotive,Nanica and Lusocosta (LC)Motors.
Combining HA Design with the Lusocosta and Nanica engineering these cars can fulfil all purposes.From a small coupe to a MPV,this brand is capable of anything in terms of cars.Combining experencied car makers and ideas these cars are a good exemples of what we can make together.


When you drive a Haylusso you can go anywhere with style

Haylusso BLL
Hayluso BLL - Premium.car (20.1 KB)

Powered by Viriatto 3.4 V8 that can make wheelspin saying “Wheee” having only 317Hp.
Having the new technologies in suspension it can take you in long trips without breaks and also provide the big comfort
Also new premium interior gives you that what you was dreaming about.
AWD can help you in some dirt roads and also in steering.
The safety that can safe you in all worst situations.
And also the elegant look that can help you in work and meetings.

Designed by HA Automotive
Engineered by Lusocosta (LC Motors)
Prepared by Nanica


Very harmonic and clean style, great design.


I like the styling, harmonic and elegant.