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Heidrich Fabrication


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Let me introduce you to Heidrich Fabrications.
Private owned manufacturer for premium Gentlemen-GTs and Clubsport Racers.
Our company started back in the early 80s as a Clubsport supporting engine builder, fabrication shop and maintenance partner.
Huge success in tuning Doyoda-sourced Loxus engines and swapping Leksus V8s into racecars, HF got it’s reputation and connection to several car-makers and established maintenance partnerships with many privateers and factory teams.

Currently owned in 2nd generation HF stepped up to be a fully operative crate engine manufacturer and exclusive car company.

The credo is to offer a portfolio that fills in the gaps other manufacturers left open.
Our products stand in the heritage of brands like Norgan, Lanxia and Leksus.
Looks to kill, rides to thrill and reliability to chill :wink:

HF got hold of many patents, names and designs over time.

Currently our very first road-legal car is ready for order, the continent-crushing “GTZ”, Gran Turismo Zenith!
The comfortable and engaging 2+2 seater powered by our inhouse designed 4.2 litre “Zenith” Inline 6 turbo.
It’s longstroke design resembles the essence of Ozelot XK and Vort Barra engines for strong low end torque.

Future plans in the pipeline consist of a modern Stratos recreation, the “Stratos Alpha”.
Planned engine will most likely be a twin-charged flat six instead of the original V6 design.
No further details on this project, yet.


Aaaah, so much real-world brands connections! I won’t say that you can’t or even shouldn’t do that, but that isn’t best received here.


OK, thanks for that advise. I’ll try my best to find a way of mentioning with a little guessing game left :wink:


Yeah, nobody ever thought to tell me that, and I do this literally






Not with that intensity. Or you are special. Reaction to Vmo’s Lancia takeover was very cold.



Well this was an unnecessary Bit of hype (?)