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Help me with this


I have spent a lot of time a car I really liked and then I went to change the model year and I missclicked on to another car completely removing my other car I’m very frustrated I spent a hour online seeing if there is a button to undo a change but there isn’t anything I could find I am really upset and don’t know what to do help me please_emphasized text_


Sadly there is nothing you can do :confused:


Unless you exported the car to BeamNG at some point, you can’t. If you have a BeamNG export you can pull the .car file from the mod zip and re-import the car into Automation.


How can i do that? i imported the car before how can i export it back


Not sure if I’m following, do you have import/export backwards?


if you put the car into beamng or exported the car file, you can quite easily get it back. check your “carsaveexport” file in your automation folder


Can I have more instruction sorry I’m very new to automation and got my first computer just recently


Go to documents, my games, automation, carsaveexport