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Help with engines


Would anyone bother in helping me understand engines? I live in a country with very small interest for engines, so i’ve never learned it, i can do all of the stuff in career mode but most of the time i’m stuck doing some awful engine that destroys my car quality.


There are some in-depth tutorials/lessons on engines built into the gameplay. I don’t recall where to find them, but I know they’re in there… somewhere.


In the game, in Kee. As soon as you enter the game it’s one of the choices alongside Options, Exit game, etc

(…I think)


I tried using the scenarios, but they only give you an objective and you have to complete it, but the problem is, how do i complete them?


It’s like, get reliability of 30% and these stuff, but i have no idea of how to get 30% or more, and when i do, i do it by randomly choosing stuff.


Just checked - on the main screen, right between “Workshop” and “Exit game” you have a “Tutorials” button.

As for reliability: If you just try to keep the engine parts symbols green (when they are yellow or red, hover over them with the mouse and a tooltip will tell you roughly what’s going wrong) you should get at least reasonable reliability. Also, it’s not a percentage, but rather a (afaik) arbitrary rating: something like 40 is perfectly fine for the early years (40s, 50s), later you should aim for 70 or so.


Ohhhhh, thanks a lot!