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Help with In-Game Descriptions


Anyone wants to take a stab at the prestigious V12? :slight_smile:




That stab seems to have killed it! Thank you very much. I used it with minor alterations:

The V12 configuration consists of twelve cylinders in a single block, lined up in a “V” shape. It has flawless balance, and is among the smoothest running engine configurations available. While the V12 engine remains balanced at any bank angle; 60 degrees is usually chosen for an even firing order and more compact packaging. The V12’s large size, prohibitive cost, long engineering and production times, limit this engine’s use to be used in only the highest-end vehicles. A V12 engine can be a suitable choice for a large, prestigious luxury car, as well as a high-performance supercar.

Now, the only one left that we will need soon is the V16.


Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to write something up for the V16.

I may have been a little critical of the V16, but I thought it is important to let players understand that the V16 was never, will never be, and could never be a mainstream engine for cars.


“The V16 is four better than the V12, and twice as good as the V8.”

Am I doing this right? :smile:


In some ways… you’re not wrong xD

@KA24DE That’s excellent, I shall use that description :slight_smile: Thanks again!


“The V16 is five and one third times better than an i3 engine in almost all respects, except size, cost, engineering time, production units, mass, reliability and fuel consumption.”

The clearest way possible to describe a V16, guaranteed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Four times the engine of a 4 banger.


Except for “5 and one third time better” is 5 and 1/3 MORE and, therefore = ((5+(1÷3))+1)×3=19 cylinders… mathematically speaking, of course . :nerd_face:


… except that you added a 1 unnecessarily, which turned your equation into 3 times (6 and 1/3), or 3*(19/3)=19, where what @Geoff described was 3 times (5 and 1/3), or 3*(16/3)=16. Trust me, I know my maths :stuck_out_tongue:


…except that MORE means on top of, over, exceeding, in addition to original 3. That’s maths. That was exactly my intention.
“Multiplied by” as opposed to “more”.
Example, 10 is not 5 times MORE than 2, it is 5 times 2. It’s Four times MORE. :nerd_face: :nerd_face:


Right, except that more =/= better, in certain contexts. In this context, since he said it’s 16/3 times BETTER, it’s a straight multiplication; but if he said 16/3 times MORE, then it would be 16 MORE than 3, which is 19.

Here’s another way to think about it: having 2 cookies is 2 times BETTER than having one, but it’s only one MORE.


You have your theory, I have the non-American dialect. Either way, this is irrelevant to the thread. I’m out.