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Help with rally/rally raid car


Hello, I’m trying to make a rally for the Archanean Trek but I’m in trouble(I made only one other rally car in the past and I don’t have it anymore), so please could someone teach me and give me some tips to reach my objective?


AWD or 4x4, manual locker if its more of a offroad vehicle, geared if its rally, Low end torque, shortish wheelbase, pretty high rideheight, low springrates and medium damper rate.
Either solid coilspring front and rear suspension or a mix of struts infront and multilink in the rear for best Offroad capabilities. Try to have as little body overhang as possible


Just do what makes sense to you :slight_smile:

I try to allow creativity in my challenges and to reduce the effectiveness of min-maxxing (doing the singular best thing). That said, I’ve included some hints and tips in my opening post of the challenge.

AWD/4x4 is recommended, but some have made 2WD work already.