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HHD Round #5: 1974-1980


Hah, cool! Nice to see the new company Mei Ling taking this one in the bag. Despite the small amount of entries, it was fun to make the vehicle in the end. Thanks for hosting!

Unfortunately I’m in the middle of finals and won’t be able to host the next round if it comes. I’ll have to pass it down


Mart1n going all TS on us with a Sherpa look :joy: well done Yang


Not bad at all for a first time hosting a challenge! And… @Crash77 the curse on this challenge is broken.


I think the morphs reset on my truck as the roof markers are far too far forward


Hi can host a round of this, not sure there will be lots of entries as this was quiet but I can give it a go in a few days once I’ve made some test cars