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Hilbert's vehicles


Great news! Air conditioning works, both cold and hot. However the air conditioning lights don’t work so adjusting them in the dark is pain in the ass. Same with radio, just have to guess the buttons.


After several hours of intense fighting, I have installed new radio. The old one was stuck there and taking it off required removing the whole dashboard.

New radio has several bass settings and also loud mode. Makes me deaf and also makes the whole damn car shake.


It’s coming together nicely! Is this a manual or an automatic?


5 speed manual, base model.


#SaveTheManuals :grinning:


About 80% of cars in Europe are manuals. In 2018, only 1.1% of cars in the US were manuals.


The article doesn’t give any sources for that and I very much doubt that’s still the case in 2020.


Hard to find any sources. However I doubt the number has gone down too much.


I never really noticed that before I started looking for used cars and found that autos are everywhere and manuals are getting harder to find, especially for cars less than 10 years old.

I don’t think most European countries publish such statistics but Maanteeamet in Estonia does and according to their data, around 50% of all cars registered in the country are manuals. For 2019 cars, it was less than 25%.

It’s certainly very different compared to what it was just 10 years ago.


Well then, either Estonia or Poland is special, since here autos are of course easy to find in older cars but are nowhere near as popular.

In a quick search I’ve found data for 1998 and 2013 - 0,3% of new cars being automatic vs 13,5%, so still not that much.


In 2017, 35% of new cars that were registered in Finland were manuals. In 2019, 25% of cars sold in Finland were manuals. However, finding how many % of cars on the road are manuals is quite hard.


This is an excellent thread to read based off of sheer entertainment value lol. Just the way it’s written is fun. You’ve got a good thing going! Granted I think I would’ve sought after a manual coupe like that lol. Looks good, very clean!


I know I probably shouldn’t admit it, but this made me laugh :joy:


Coupe? Ha, ha, no. It’s actually 3 door hatchback. It looks like coupe but it’s actually bit more practical.

Anyway, I was driving on the motorway today. Had to chance gears but I kinda fucked up my clutch and gas coordination, revs went up, some cylinder went yeet. Engine light started blinking.
I stopped, started the engine again and it runs well. With all 4 cylinders, however the check engine light is still on. I’ll have to take a look sometime.


There was a real coupé model of the Astra too, a quite good looking car IMO.


Right, something to do with EGR. Cylinder 2 misfired. But since everything works now it’s probably fine.