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His Highness Demands Round #2 (1956-62) [RESULTS]


Franklin would like to present the Rhino Persktokt. Tough, rugged and standard features including:-

  • Independant opening roof hatches
  • Towbar
  • Removeable seating, for in the bed
  • Aerial in case you ever buy radios
  • 2 * 5 Gallon jerry cans
  • Stepboards either side.

Only 1248 of your glorious Semyonovian Dakotz!


From the company that somehow brought you the “Firkolala”, Enderjed`s Junkyard presents…
only a mere 858kg of weight
can be fuelled by the bodily fluids of dead soldiers and low quality fuel
a 2798cc OHC 2V 6 engine
no cyclopes headlights
incredible reliability
the abstract look of all this companies cars
a towing thing
a adorably small jerry can filled with some totally non stolen vodka
3 previous Jbeam file exclusive prototypes

all this can be yours for a measly 1199 DAKTOZ


Please PM the .car to me @Enderjed

Otherwise, all entries thus far have not failed! A few front-runners are beginning to emerge, but all so far have had their compromises. We’ll see what comes of it :wink:

Three days to deadline give or take a few days, hours or minutes.


Entry from me coming soon


Federal Avtozavod, Виктор Мк.II Featuring a powerful eight cylinder engine, four wheel drive and locking differential, range select, and a luxurious 5 millimeters of cloth padding on the seats.


looks at engine

oh shit i’m double the capacity and barely more power or torque… are you testing using 92ron fuel?


got a 1.2L with 61 hp on the top end and about 96 Ft LBs

still a wip


how? how do you people get such high power while still getting 10mpg? are you guys on 80ron or on 92 ron?


We’re all using 80 ron (Or at least i assume, you would be disadvantaging yourself otherwise)
Trust me, its a very fine balance of tuning and a bunch of other (non)engine related things…


Has it been stated whether Semyonovia is a right hand, or left hand drive country?


I used 92 because my company wouldn’t make an engine so radically different to the rest of the world.


ZZT brings you what really matters:


The all tough ZZT Cлава-150

Engineered to endure the conditions that a real army endures:

-A war worth fighting for


  • Room for 11 well built soldiers on their way to victory and/or 1300 kg of spirit lifting vodka up back

  • 4480 glorious litres of cargo volume

  • Solid axle suspension tuned for uncomprimised durability and strength

  • Galvanised steel chassis for ultimate endurance through the path to victory. No petty rust will stop you.

  • The last thing you need in the heat of a battle is to be let down by a poorly designed motor. So we’ve designed a Bulletproof engine optimized for reliability and off road supremacy, while still running on the vodka infused urine of gopnik horses (98 ron can be sparce in the battlefield)

  • 4 wheel drive with locking diff for ultimate off road performance

  • Full body service for under 55 Daktoz

  • The power of 74 horses hauling the Semyonovian people to glory

  • Pre fitted with Specialised Off-road tires, and a spares holster on either side (2)

  • Fitted with Persktokt special body features, including high impact bumpers, accessability handle kit, high endurance hinge pack and roof mount for optional anti aircraft weaponry

For only 1125 Semyonovian Daktoz

Yes. A small price to pay for victory.

If you’re committed to glory, you can’t settle with peasantry

Choose ZZT


I used 92 RON. Managed good economy too, higher than 10 mpg by far. 80 RON is a benefit, but it’s up to you to identify if the added costs or lower power is a tradeoff you’ll take.


Im getting 16.7 Mpg in this van


I don’t know. I’ve figured out a way to get the mileage, but I’m not getting nearly the horsepower. At 1500 CC, I can easily obtain 51 hp (86 Nm torque) with 14 mpg; shooting efficiency in the foot (going down to 10.1 mpg) only nets me 5 extra hp. I upped it to a 2 liter (1984 cc), and I’m still only at 64 hp (112 Nm torque).


-A Car parks infront of the Semyonovian goverment building-

-A man in thick winter clothing and ushanka steps out the vehicle-
“AHHH Privet!
I am here in name of Popas and the great motherland of Russia to inform you that we want to help a fellow comrade in need for cars.
So here we have new military vehicle from Popas: The Moskwa!
It provides everything one needs for quality military scout vehicle.
Big engine made from best russian steel. Some are even made from steel from old submarines!
But da, 88hp with lockable Dif and 4x4 drive.
Also Suspension was designed by best tank engineers, so should not be problem with getting stuck in mud or the blood of capitalist pigs, cyka!
Also we used new unibody construction for this so it should hold a lot of stuff hehe!
Boot is also biiiiggg for many guns and ammo. We even throw a AK-47 in there for you bylat!
Oh yeah, this can fit 5 of your best fighters! Every seat also comes with its own copy of the Manifesto to read while transfer!
So. What not to love about this comrade?”


HAd to redo my design due to the Year however i got problems with my body


14? 16 mpg? well i’m doomed… 10.4mpg


20MPG here


I do believe the Groglog has 15mpg