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His Highness Demands Round #3 (1962-1968) (Submissions CLOSED)

Challenge originally by @Crash77

First Round/Lore

His Higness Demands is an ongoing (for a while) challenge, that will follow the Communist monarchy Semyonovia through 2 rulers, 5 decades, 3 wars and 1 rebellion.

Round 3: Persktokt - Tekntoz Rally

April 1968

His Majesty Gevketovt II Has only become more enthralled by the automotive technologies and races worldwide, having seen on television the 24 hours of Le Mans, and the wonderful European Rally Championships. Having seen the high speed, power-sliding and jumping coupe’s and saloons fly down British trails and up French mountains His Majesty Decided Semyonovia must have a rally of their own.

The King peered out one of the windows of his grand estate, and watched as a Petrov SEM sputtered and wobbled down the rough cobblestone mountain road a few kilometers away, It was the perfect course, with the wrong car on it. He quickly contacted his Automotive Inclined Aides and Politicos.

His Majesty Gevketovt - Ruler of Semyonovia, Will decide which Car will carry the face of Semyonovia
Chief Kuznetsov - Department of Road-Cars Chief of Staff, Will decide the legality/streetability of the cars.
Mr. Sokolov - Esteemed Driver and Mechanic, Will decide the Rally-ability of the cars.

The King is hoping to create a Rally event in Semyonovia that is sure to draw the attention of the world, and more importantly the ERC to request presence on the great island nation. Not only does his Majesty want a world class event, he dreams of a glorious fleet of government owned racers dedicated to dominating the roads and trails of every other country, for this, he requires the best cars that can be made and driven, and to make them available to sell to his own population and the world abroad to spread the name and success of Semyonovia.


Maximum price of 2,000 Dktz at 0% Markup.

Apply a “wheelbase-tax”. Add your car’s wheelbase length, (in inches) to your final price after conversion.
(Dakotz are Automation Dollars divided by 7)

Trim and model should be 1968.

Engine ET: 85 Max.
Trim ET: 80 Max.
Minimum Safety: Advanced 60’s.
Minimum seating: 2. (more is fine)
Fuel type: 91 RON Unleaded. (Arbitrary “bonus points” for 80 Low quality)
Mufflers: none. Because racecar
Transmission: Manual or Automatic.
Drive: Any.
Tires: Any. (Chunky Offroad suggested)
Interior/Driver-Aids: Any, Standard or Basic suggested.
Tire width: 195 Max. (cant put the power down? try less power to put down.)
Body style: Any.
Engine layout: Any.
Displacement: 1950cc**
Cylinders: 3, 4, 6, 8.
Engine block type: Any.
All mods Allowed.
Stable Release Only.
Maximum of -3 quality. (If it fits in ET you can go as high as you want.)

(Going lower will result in “bonus points” at my discretion. No garuntees for winning just because you dropped a 300cc three banger into your knockoff mini.)

Even though these are racing cars, there are Homologation rules in effect to make these cars street legal and available to the public, meaning;

No Race Parts.

That includes intakes, exhaust, outrageous aero, semi-slicks, and space-frame chassis.

!Must have a respectful reference to the Semyonovian communist monarchy somewhere in the car, i.e. calling your car the “Whatever-bit-here Persktokt Special”, after the capital, or something about the design, colors, ads, etc.!

Rules finalized, deadline: 26th of April 2019, at 12:00 PM CST.

Naming: Model / Family as HHD3 - Username, Trim/Variant free.

This is my first challenge, so prepare for chaos I guess?

His Highness Demands Round #2 (1956-62) [RESULTS]

No Deadlines, Rules, or Openings have been posted yet, this is purely preliminary while I figure out how to do a challenge!


I might need a translation from Daktoz to USD…


divide Automation dollars by 7 to get Dakotz. Not sure if this challenge will use the wheelbase tax.


In my opinion, since the cars will also be available to the Common People, it probably should use the tax. Can’t wait to see what this round has in store!


@desperatedonut5 Added!
@Crash77 Added!


What would the exact calculations be in civilized?


Wheelbase tax = wheelbase (in m) * 39


Here we have the last ever Franklin HiWay.

The HiWay Persktok Rally 68. A lot of car for under 1,290 Dktz.


KGB back on the scene with the Tekntoz RS.

Development is still early but we believe this concept is a near-finalised image of our first entry in to motorsport. (1965)

1.6l I-4 SOHC
Lightweight Body
5 speed
4 wheel drive
Pristine white/gold livery


I was expecting 80RON low quality unleaded, given that the market setting for this round is meant to simulate a communist country, but I’ll happily accept that because it gives us many more octane points to work with. Moreover, the requirement for advanced 60s safety is most likely there to simulate a roll cage for racing and/or rallying use. And I understand why catalytic converters aren’t needed - they aren’t available until 1972, four years after 1968, the year in which this round is set.


Ideally these are road going cars meant for the little communist country yes, but they’re still probably pepped up and tuned to run hotter than most other road cars. Of course the cylinder compression/fuel used might be reduced and changed depending on the country sold, these cars are still meant to compete on a global level and 80 RON low quality probably isn’t the best choice.

As for cats, I was to focused on the “because racecar” joke to check my testbed engine and tech available. Sorry!


Are these cars supposed to be modified and lightened for the rally purpose? Could we go basic with interior and entertainment?


Absolutley, added now as well.


@Caligo What if i send a rally-modified version of a regular car? Like if a I send a regular small coupe but with some rally parts and a bigger engine, and the regular car that would be bought from a dealership, is it allowed?

(Not native english speaker, tried to make it as understandable as possible)


that is indeed the expectation of the challenge! the submitted car is intended to be a Rally version of a road-going car, but the changes from the normal car should be as minimized as possible, I.E. no race headers/intakes, no space-frame chassis, reasonable fuel economy. those kind of things.


So is it detrimental to the car if the engine it has is a special tune for power that runs very rich and gets very poor economy?


to an extent? i’m trying to leave some of the design choices to the conestants here. i’m not going to judge super harshly if a rally car from the late 60’s only gets like 10-12 MPG when its firewalled 90% of the time.


Alkaev Auto Industries (AAI) has begun investing into Semyonovia and plans on opening a new small factory for producing components and fixtures for some of its smaller cars. To celebrate, AAI has entered a modified version of their smallest car into the new rally.

The team consists mostly of local engineers and mechanics. As such, the car has been given a special rebranding to be more suitable for the local market (patriotic). They were also free to do further modifications and tuning as they saw fit, most notably further tuning the suspension for the expected rough gravel roads.

AAI presents the Tekntoz Glory Mk II. It features an all-aluminum 1.6L I4, which is mated to a short-ratio five speed manual that drives the rear wheels. It is a quite light car despite its steel chassis and body, and is very reasonably priced at 1,485 Dktz.


TAFI racing brings you the opportunity to make your mark on racing history with the TAFI 180 sokolov edition

How good is it you may ask? weighing in at just under 1250 pounds it is undeniably a lightweight due to it’s rust proof fibre glass panels and utilization of a cutting edge unibody design with independent suspension all around, in addition to the top of the line chassis it also has a large, high performance 1.8L 16 valve I4, making upwards of 130 horsepower which is then transferred through a five speed manual to hard long life tires for best performance on road and off.

As for how it will suit your peoples needs it can be turned into quite a nice economy hatchback with a few minor modifications such as decreased compression, milder cams, and a leaner mixture as for the price it’s about 1489 darkots as well as giving us refuge as apparently some italian company is claiming we stole their concept car, threw some tacky fixtures on it, rearanged their company letters, slammed one of our racing engine and tried to pass it off as a new car to potential investors, clearly a preposterous claim. anyway they are suing and as such the company owner is looking for somewhere outside of the corrupt capitalist sphere of influence to produce the vehicles as well as stay while trying to figure out what to do about it. Speaking of rebadging and investors I forgot to mention, our new logo which we designed a few days ago is a diamond with a crown on it representing the monarchy of your great nation, and the color of it is known as “Semyonovian Racing Red” and the trim named after your driver and mechanic. Though your enemies in the west might claim we offered it under a different badge, trim name, and name of color I can assure you that is nothing more than capitalist propaganda.