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His Highness Demands Round #3 (1962-1968) (Submissions CLOSED)


How do you plan to judge the cars? What would make a car better than the other? Like, is sportiness any important? Is drivability gonna be scored? Is there a minimum offroad score?

I think that, as it stands now, the judging parameters are vaguely defined and excessively open to individual interpretation. My vision of a good rally homologation special might differ a lot from yours.

In my opinion, this is something you should try to adress before you let us submit our cars.


KGB back after the original 1965 concept readjusted to take full advantage of competition regulations.

Here comes the KGB Tekntoz RS II:

1949cc I-4 SOHC rated at 158 hp @ 6700 rpm - 171 nm @ 6300 rpm
808kg dry weight
5 speed manual transmission
4x4 drivetrain
Returning concept white and gold livery

1946 Dktz RRP


Submissions officially closed!

Wasn’t able to do it earlier due to work keeping me overnight (Wooo Range Detail)
I’ll continue to answer questions and clarify my intentions judging-wise as well as review the submissions over the weekend!


Everyone else here (except Enderjed, of course) made a road car and this mans just shows up with a Quattro hillclimb car in comparison


Don’t worry, I’ll be driving with a full force-feed back Logitech g920 in a seat rig. It’ll probably kill me faster than it’ll kill the competition!


…Oh… Driving, I wasn’t told there would be a driving portion to start, that’s my car’s biggest weakness


Don’t worry, my car is an oversteering bitch with too much front brake force.


Just as a PSA, I did most everything from the field on my phone until now, since my battalion was doing a Sustainment Gunnery and atop that this is my first time Hosting anything lmao. So if i’m forgetting a lot of stuff/not being an open book that’s kinda why (also i’m a bit retarded sometimes).

The main judging criteria; in order from most importance to least, is:

  1. test Course Average time out of three runs in BeamNG. (If car is wrecked out during a run it will receive one (1) additional attempt, if it wrecks out again it will receive it’s longest time out of the two previous runs as it’s third time.)
  2. Looks: The car has to look the part of a late 60’s early 70’s rally car, which most of the cars seem to fit so far.
  3. Reliability will be a minor determining factor, if points are close enough (say single digits apart) then it shouldn’t effect overall bias.
  4. Price: the cheaper the better, unless it has an average time that absolutely blows all the other cars out of the water.

**If the submission wrecks out twice there is a possibility the car will be disqualified on a “drivability” basis. I know that seems a bit sketchy and relies on me not being a crap driver, but the King will be riding along with the Driver lore wise, so i wont be taking these cars at 100%

If you have any complaints, winges, or anything please hit me up here or in PM so we can work something out!


Yes, but how many times did suspension break from slightly spirited driving?


Eh… only when hitting a rock where you’d already expect it to break… the CS-SR is a tough little bugger. It drives somewhat wooden and stiff onroad but gets surprisingly far offroad. And I sticked to one of my lore engines from many 60s and early 70s CMT production cars, so the engine should be among the most reliable here. I went for quality in the fuel system to make it responsive via ignition timing, you can dose it very well between waspish and careful with a gamepad, that’s important when going in corners offroad.


Yeah, I’m not even confident in the ability of mine to go around a track without falling apart, mine would probably be about as durable as a wooden suspension setup though. I don’t really have any lore engines so i just went for as much power as I could feasibly put down. I still have tons of wheel spin and an awful weight distribution but as long as the 4x4s are driven in rear wheel drive I think it should be one of the quickest out of the corners with the exception of something like an Alpine 110.

I don’t remember much of the specifics but mine should be fairly reliable but I’m throwing as much fuel as I can in without drowning the engine. Most of my design philosophy was just to make everything as light as possible and hope it all works out.


I do not even have 4x4, as 115 horsepower are too few to really stress the rear wheels.
It is the question from which point of view you’re building. I had a road car and adapted it for a rallye.
You had a race car and tried to make it a little civillized to make it compliant to the rules.
Both ways are legit and there is no better or worse for the one or the other.


First round of testing is fully complete and finalists have been decided. detailed info and testing results to be posted.

Top three currently has one of each drive type submitted so far (4x4, FWD, and RWD) for lap times.


hold up how many FWD bois we got here


I think my entry was a RWD
edit: ah ok I must`ve forgotten


It was 4x4. mine was FWD as I figured 4x4s would be run in rear wheel drive.


4x4’s have been tested in 4x4 mode with all diffs open. so far it’s been a fairly level playing-field for the top three competitors.

oh and;

The first round of reviews will be up this coming Friday NLT 2200 CST, and finalists and winners posted Sunday NLT 1700 CST

Main reason for current delays is lack of free time thanks to Army… (I think my service is the only reason my Military offroader won, just first hand experience I guess?)


welp, work made me a liar. again.

Y E E T.

Usually fridays are Family day and we get out around 1400-ish. Today we had to qualify on new M17 Sig pistolie boyes and I just got to my B’s.

it’s already been two weeks and I feel like trash.


well just post the results when you can
(I am trying to say that in a kind way but I don’t think It will work)


I am no better, so I think this is just usual and nobody acutally cares if it is one day more or not.