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His Highness Demands Round #3 (1962-1968) (Submissions CLOSED)


“one day more”
cries in my drivers hole of my tank as mechanics try to figure out why it wont start




Yo buddy, you still alive?


Unfortunately, I have contacted @Caligo but have not heard anything.


don’t worry he will realease the statistics a day before half life three


So, I have thought it over and decided that due to @Caligo’s absence, I will take up judging for this round.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but please send the .car files to me by:

June 11th

Users that have sent in their cars:

Users that haven’t sent their cars in yet:

Thanks everyone!


Prices have significantly adjusted since so aren’t valid on current update.


Upwards or downwards? (Haven’t been on Automation in a while.)


I am not sure, but well, if needed I can rework it. I will resubmit my entry tomorrow as I am currently not at home and check it for conformity before.


well I cant believe I was one of the two that send thou car


Upwards, my entry is about 50% more expensive now.


Haven’t even looked at mine…I just tagged Crash into my original PM.

I may have the most expensive pile of poop now…rather than a cheap pile! :rofl:


Oh, it’s fine, I’ll probably just raise the budget by 50-75%.


mine is already dirt cheap! I PREPARED IN ADVANCE!


not surprising to see it’s cheap.


Ok, the reviews should be up in a couple of days–but definitely by the end of this week. Thanks for your patience, folks!


(Again, thank you for your patience guys!)

The Preliminaries! (Pt. 1)

Akulov Yanovikch sighed. He knew his time as Chairman of the Party Offices Committee was nearing an end. Heck, he even knew his soon-to-be replacement–Pervak Vasiliy, a young(er) Semyonovia Grand Army colonel who had recently climbed up the Party ranks and was now ripe for the position. But Yanovikch also knew his pension would set him of for life, and he’d be invited to all future galas and balls for the foreseeable future.

But that was later. Right now, he was to meet the King and the replacement Chairman of Automotive Relations (the original had abruptly resigned a month ago) to look over some possible options for Semyonovia’s first entry into motorsports. An upcoming international rally event that was to allow only national teams.

“Ah, Akulov!” said the King as Yanovikch walked through the door of the Building of Automotive Relations.

“Good day, sir; good day Mr. Aleksandr.” replied Yanovikch.

“Well, shall we look at our options?” asked Mr. Aleksandr.

“Yes, I have the portfolio for each vehicle here… we have six, so this shouldn’t take a long time.” answered Yanovikch.

“And I have some magazine reviews so we can see the pros and cons of the cars.” said Mr. Aleksandr.

They handed the first car’s portfolio and review to the King.

Zenith IMP SS/R



“Oh, yes… I love these IMP’s.” said the happy King.

“Hah, definitely a good-looking machine… and like the older '50 IMP 150, it just fits in with Semyonovia.” added Yanovikch.


Speed and power has never been easier to use than now - the capable front-drive Imp SS is on its way to the rally stage, and now the citizens of every little country can take part - we’re resuming the Export program to offer not only the base models, but the SS/R Imp with a hundred horsepower and special off-road modifications. It’s your life - and you’ll have a blast. We’re making sure of it. The new 1968 Imp.

“That sounds nice, as it’s also available to the people. In the specs sheet, the car appears to actually have 101 horsepower. A humble marque is always a good sign.” said Mr. Aleksandr.

“Here’s the review.” said the King.


Zenith is a solid company. The IMP is a solid car. The IMP SS/R, is a force. Out of many of the cars we tested here today the IMP stands out as a good looking, easy-to-drive, safe, fun car that private teams will love! While off-roading can be a little tricky at times, and the seats are as hard as rock, these problems are overshadowed by the IMP’s lower service costs than much of the competition, it’s disc brakes, and it’s price. It’s only 1,866.43 Daktoz, folks! A big ‘Semyonovian Autos’ approved from all of us!

“Sounds good. The seats are minimal because that’s basically what you’d expect in a rally car.” said Mr. Aleksandr.

“I agree. And the people like Zenith, too… I vote yes.” said the King.

“Me too. Mr. Aleksandr?”


The Zenith was considered and will move on to the 2nd round.


“What’s next?” asked Mr. Aleksandr.

“How about this?” replied Yanovikch.

KGB Tekntoz RS II


“It looks, strange.” said the King.

“Yes, there some styling clashes here.” Mr. Aleksandr agreed.

“No matter, what does the company say about its car?” asked the King.


KGB back after the original 1965 concept readjusted to take full advantage of competition regulations.

1949cc I-4 SOHC rated at 158 hp @ 6700 rpm - 171 nm @ 6300 rpm
808kg dry weight
5 speed manual transmission
4x4 drivetrain
Returning concept white and gold livery

“Hmm, that obviously sounds intriguing. 158 horsepower is something…” commented Yanovikch.


The KGB is twitchy at best and horrifying to drive at worst. It was the least maneuverable of the lot, and it’s the most expensive. By about 700 Daktoz. The–

“You know… it doesn’t get my vote.”

“Me neither.”


The KGB was unfortunately dropped and will not move on to the 2nd round.

Endgon Firkolakant Rallykosh



“What in Semyonovia–Semyonovian Glory Forever!–is this!?” shouted Mr. Aleksandr.

“Hahahaha! Oh, Mr. Aleksandr, you don’t know what else we’ve seen…” said a giddy (and also happy) King.

“Hehehe… let’s see, there was the first one… haha!”

“Haha, and, then there was that little pickup… what was it… hehe!”

“The Groglog!” Yanovikch chimed in.


“Haha! We like these guys… but, who buys the cars?”


Back from The Junkyard of many things comes a modified vehicle that will be as memorable as the original…
The-- (paper rustling) How do you expect me to say this sir? Its name is a meter long!
The (Insert long car name here)
Its a measly 521.95 Daktoz
It should be able to climb the track with ease
runs on 91RON
Looks better than ever!



Well… the new Endgon sure is something… but, surprisingly, isn’t the worst car here (in a few places)! It’s the most comfortable, fairly drivable, and it’s price is at the middle of the pack. A real shocker, but… it’s still an Endgon.

“Well, they seem to get better every time!” exclaimed the King.

The Endgon was unfortunately dropped (but made the gentlemen happy) and will not move on to the 2nd round.

“Ah, classic.” said Yanovikch.

(Part 2 will be out tomorrow, stay tuned!)


The Preliminaries! (Pt. 2)

(More Semyonovian Glory!)

After the Endgon, the King, Mr. Aleksandr, and Yanovikch took a small break. Fifteen minutes later, they got back into it.

Franklin HiWay Persktokt Rally 68



“These capitalists just don’t quit!”

“But, King, they usually produce good cars.” Yanovikch reminded the king.

“Still, I don’t like how they’re trying to influence the people towards democracy via their cars.”

“Deep.” said Mr. Aleksandr.


Here we have the last ever Franklin HiWay.
The HiWay Persktokt Rally 68.

“That’s it?” asked the King.

“Yes, sir.” replied Yanovikch.

“Here’s the review, it’s longer than this.” said Mr. Aleksandr.


The Franklin is a pretty good jack-of-all-trades, although it’s service costs are up there and while the IMP will usually beat it in a road race, the HiWay is safer, more comfortable, and, it’s party piece: It’s by far the most capable off-road–it’s only rivaled by the Firkolakant, strangely. The Franklin, is then a tossup. In some ways it the best car here, but in others it lags behind the competition.

“Humph. What do you make of it, Mr. Aleksandr?” asked Yanovikch.

“I’d wait on this one, since the rally stages are going to mostly be on tarmac and gravel.”

“Ok, we can evaluate the next car and decide then.” said the King.

The Franklin was neither binned nor accepted yet.

CMT Familia CS-SR



“It looks a bit dated, but nice.” commented Yanovikch.

“Yeah, although it’s fine for 1968.” replied the King.

“How does CMT describe it?” asked Mr. Aleksandr.

“Here it is.” Yanovikch took out the next folder.


Back in 1959, the CMT Familia II was technically state of the art as a small, but sporty sedan, mostly ordered with I6 engines. Now presenting the 1967 CMT Familia II CS - the lower budget car for those that do not dare to go for the CMT City subcompact and prefer a larger car, but fear price and running cost of the larger Astrona models. Four seats, low trim, conservative design, midsize dimensions.

And this is the 1968 CMT Familia CS-SR, SR means Semyonovia Rallye.

Proven mass-produced engine with many internal optimizations by the CMT sport division, squeezing around 115 to 120 horsepower out of the 1950ccm displacement, bad-road-tuned suspension, four-speed manual, 14-inch rims.

Reliable, a hint of comfort and acceptable practicality - the people in a communist country need to use their car as a daily.

“Ah, this is a description!” shouted the King, who was not pleased with the Franklin’s.

“You know, this sounds quite good. This description really gives us some good information.” said Mr. Aleksandr.


The CMT is all you want for a daily driver. It delivers what it was built to do quite well, as it is the most practical and reliable out of all of the cars. Having said that, it’s in the middle of the pack when it comes to speed and agility. In the tests, the CMT performed better in it’s crash tests than the Popas and Franklin cars making it the safest vehicle here. While it’s not the perfect rally car, the specs show that paired with it’s salability, it’s definitely good enough. This car can win on Sunday, and sell well on Monday. I think I’ll trademark that phrase.

“That guy liked it.” said the King.

“I agree with him, there aren’t really any cons, except for the average performance on the track.” commented Yanovikch.

“What do you think, King? Is it better than the Franklin?” asked Mr. Aleksandr.

“Probably, and besides–”

“Wait a second! I was re-reading Franklin’s description, and it said, ‘…last ever Franklin HiWay.’ These won’t be available to the people.” interrupted Yanovikch.

“Really? That changes things…” said Mr. Aleksandr.

“Either way, I think we can say this CMT is approved, right?” Yanovikch asked.

“It has my vote.” said the King.

The CMT was considered, then binned, then considered.

The Franklin was considered, then unfortunately cut.

“Good, we have one car left. From Popas! You’ll like this one, King.” said Yanovikch.

Popas Rushba 1965 Rally De Semyonovian



“Oh yes. It looks perfect for what we want!” exclaimed the King, who was happy, giddy, and happy again.

“It sure looks the part, let’s see what Popas says about it.” said Mr. Aleksandr.


“Ahhhhh comrade. I was hoping seeing you back for more! Looks like ya did quite enjoy our last vehicle for you. Well even a king does make mistakes! HAHA! But here i have nice car for you! For only 1118 DKtz we can give you best Rally version of Number one car of Motherland. You can make whole of Russia proud with this! We upraded Engine, gearbox and Suspension all of this Rushba! Car now even those 90hp. Might be even able to run from KGB now hahaha! But listin comrade. Dont tell them i said that to you or othewise i throw you in russian forest naked.”

“Akulov, get the Semyonovian Secret Police on the phone and tell them to find this man and throw him in prison. He is threatening the King (me) and shall be punished!”

Yanovikch returned in a couple of minutes.

“They’ve located him–he won’t escape.”

“Good! Good! What does the review say about this car?”


The Popas’ main rival here is the CMT. While the Familia can usually trump Russia’s finest, the Popas is a bit more maneuverable and is much cheaper: Both it’s service costs and it’s price tag are much, much lower than the CMT. It’s the cheapest here, followed by the Zenith. With the price figured in, it pushes the Popas right out of the middle of the pack.

“So the price is it’s only strong point.” said a slightly disappointed King.

“Well, not exactly, as it seems to be a solid contender… but without it, we wouldn’t approve it.” Yanovikch pointed out.

“Since it’s the last one, what do you say? I for one… will pass.” said Mr. Aleksandr.

“Let’s approve it.” the King said.

“Ok, King. It’s approved.”

The Popas was considered, and will proceed to the next round.

Congratulations to:




The finals will be out later today!


(BeamNG isn’t working, so the little performance blurbs aren’t terribly detailed)

The Finals!

(Even More Glory!)

“King, you know Mr. Kuznetsov, he’s the Chief of Staff for the Department of Road-Cars. And here’s Mr. Sokolov–he was the one who got sixth in last year’s Rally di Fruinia.” said Mr. Aleksandr.

He and Akulov Yanovikch were departing on an urgent matter.

“Ah, I see. Bye, Aleksandr, Yanovikch.” replied the King.

"Ok, sir, Parkekt!" And with a parting salute, the two were off.

“Alright, sir. I’ve checked the vehicles and they’re all clear. They either are road-worthy as of right now (the CMT and Zenith) or we can easily order stock versions (the Popas).” said Chief Kuznetsov.

“Mr. Sokolov? Have you tested them yet on the track?”

“No, not yet. Let’s go to the track now.”

(Track used: ARXL Hojesbanan/1 full lap)

CMT Familia CS-SR


On the track, the CMT felt at home. When Sokolov put his foot down, there was even a little wheelspin. While on some turns there was understeer, and the seats were quite rock-like, it was overall a pretty solid run.

Lap time: 3:06.63

Zenith IMP SS/R


The Zenith was by far the most maneuverable out there. And it looked the part too. Like the IMP before it, these cars just scream Semyonovia. The longer gearing can be a hassle since rallies are usually acceleration-focused. It’s a bit better than the CMT off-road, though. While a bit faster than the CMT, it’s neck and neck.

Lap time: 3:04.53

Popas Rushba 1965 Rally De Semyonovian


Compared to the other two cars, the Popas is slow. It’s around nine seconds slower than the CMT, let alone the Zenith. Besides, the Popas’ seats are beyond the rock-like ones in the others. It’s torture! It is also a let down on the more off-roady bits of the track and both the fuel economy and reliability on this car are the worst out of the three. It’s unfortunate, but the Popas’ price tag won’t save it now. Too bad, it sure looked the part.

Lap time: 3:15.64

“Well, I guess the Popas is out.” said the King.

That left the CMT and the Zenith.

“Well King, this worked out well: Sokolov votes for the Zenith, for it’s superior lap time, cheaper price, and Semyonovian look. I’m on the CMT side because of it’s practicality, it being a sedan instead of a coupe, and it’s reliability and safety. What are you thinking, King?” asked Chief Kuznetsov.

“Well, the people already like the Zenith brand, but there’s something about that CMT.”

“So… then is it the CMT?” asked Kuznetsov.

“I’ve got it! That’s what it is! The old Petrov SEM should be retired anyway!” The King shouted.

“What?” The other two said in unison.

“The CMT (with a few adjustments) will be a perfect people’s car!”

“Ah, is see. But who won?” Sokolov asked.

(1968 Zenith Zenith IMP SS/R 1968 Rally di Fruinia prototype)

Congratulations to:


For the win!





(And just for fun, here are the rest of the competitors)

4th: Jaimz

5th: Enderjed

6th: Kyuu77


Thanks for taking over and finishing it out, Crash! As good as always, and I’ve got no opposition to hosting again!


huh, I got the same placement as I did in the HHD1!
(second to last)