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His Highness Demands Round #4 (1968-1974)


This does look bizarre and french indeed.


at least its not as birraze as 80% of my cars


Birraze is my new favourite typo


sooooo closed? i completely forgot about this


I’ve actually been pretty busy and probably will be busy for a few more days, so I’m going to extend the deadline to give myself a bit more time. I’d rather delay the reviews by 2 days than rush them out and produce something subpar. There’s nothing I can do about not being able to put enough time into Automation, and I had no way to expect what happened, so going with that:

New deadline is July 9

Reviews should be up by the 10th.

Resubmissions allowed if you’d like to take advantage.


안니카탸 민주 사회주의 공화국 대사관

Embassy of the Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia

On behalf of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia (DSRA), I have the honour to inform you that our government wishes to express our deepest admiration and respect for Glorious Communist Nation of Semyonovia and your people’s struggle against the oppression of Capitalism.

We stand in solidarity with your government. As such in the spirit of friendship, co-operation and mutual assistance. Our government is offering to enact new measures within the framework of the new comprehensive program for scientific and technical progress under the guidance the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) which is our right as an observer member of the aforementioned organisation.

Our government feels this offer shall provide first steps towards a broad and wide-ranging effort of mutual and interconnected trade and exchange between our two sovereign nation-states.

The initial offer would entail the exportation of our domestically produced vehicle currently under the guidance of state-controlled Dokko, Hyoun, Bahk Corporation (DHB). The vehicle in question is the DJ772G which is a rear engined rear wheel drive full-size sedan powered by a domestically produced 6-litre 8-cylinder engine.

This vehicle is used but the top party elite of the the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia (DSRA) and highlights the pinnacle of socialist achievement in automotive design and excellence equal to that of the west. A vehicle truly fit for the leadership of a nation such as yours. It is quick and comfortable while also offering an ease of maintenance not found on decadent western competitors.

This agreement would see the production and transfer of the required number of vehicles with the option for wholesale exchange of plans for engine, chassis, and design of this export edition towards the government of Semyonovia. Providing the success of this venture my government would extend this offer towards a more all-encompassing exchange of trade and technical programs.

To begin the formal agreements on this issues my government would like to extend the offer to begin superficiality diplomatic negotiation towards this opportunity in a framework of the future development of the mutually beneficial cooperation between the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia (DSRA) and the Glorious Communist Nation of Semyonovia .

These initial talks would entail only the bare essential staff with a contingent from the Ministry of Automobile and Agricultural Machinery, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Trade, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along with relevant attaches, ambassadors, State Planning Commission, and Central Bureau of Statistics.

I do hope that our meetings, agreements and exchanges serve to further strengthen the friendly relations and spirit of solidarity between our two great nations.

Sincerely Yours,

Sang Jeong-wook
Attache for the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia

------------------------------------------------------------ Attachment-------------------------------------------------------------

CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)

Submissions are now closed!

The King has an appointment!


We have many interesting cars here. From classic baroque over modest modernism up to bizarre and avantgardistic cars. All of them are definitely head-turners. I am very curious how this will turn out.


birraze car(s) indeed


Did I miss something or did @CC9020 leave the mortal realm? ;-;


You’re not wrong; my entry sold on the auction before this finished lol


Is this HHDR3 all over again? TwT


Let’s give him a few time as it’s very hard to to this properly.
I’d never run a CSR because you can’t delay it what I am always doing because I have pets, a one-man-company to run (irl) and currently a divorce. So, I ll sit here and wait even for a month or two.


is there some kind of understudy in case the person running this disappears?


Y’all probably shouldn’t worry too much. The real benefit of running a challenge independent to CSR or CSC, is that you can set deadlines for yourself. It took me like a week or two to push out MoME results, so the best thing you can do is be patient and carry on with life. If results never come in, so be it.


Last time this happened, Crash77 took over as he is the founder of this challenge. Let’s see what happens now. I’m sure CC is just busy for some reasons and will be back with us


I’m sorry about not getting to you guys sooner - I am still on the challenge, just have had some things come up that I’d rather not get into.

The results are coming, but as you guys have probably noticed, they won’t be out on the tenth. I’ve got very little time to work with at the moment, so it might take a bit longer, but I am still working on the results slowly but surely. I’ve got a decent portion of the reviews done, and the rest are coming, just somewhat slower than I would’ve liked. I’m not abandoning this - I do enjoy writing about this Communist island, after all, and I’d like to see this challenge through. I’m not a big fan of starting something I don’t finish, so even if it takes a bit longer I’d still rather complete it myself than make Crash finish another round on his own.


No worries! Take your time, can’t wait to see what entries prevail!


any day now…


Just assume it’s not happening.