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His Highness Demands Round #4 (1968-1974)


A quick glimpse of the KGB Tourer bespoke for The King himself, swiftly approaching approval for production.

Current status is a 4.2l V12 pulling 250hp to 127mph.
2464 dakotz


Wow, very creative use of that body, there’s sort of a Rolls-Royce quality about it.


If this doesn’t put a smile on the King’s face, idk what will
[Ignore the loading screen animation]


find a trim piece you can colour without it standing out too much, or use a certain fixture that tells you you’re stopping


I was thinking about using brake lights too, but I also fear that my engineers at Gerade might actually connect the wirings to the dummy light and essentially create a front brake light… Yeah.


Petrov LB32 Gevketovt

This Luxurious boat has everything. Hydropneumatic suspension, extremely luxurious interior, metallic paint and so much more! The safety is so good, you can plow through a Petrov SEM in 160km/h speeds with little to no damage.

The cars exterior looks also are extremely modern but formal. Engine reliability is great, and even the complex interior peripherals will last a long time with no problems.
This magnificent car only costs 2500 daktoz.


Endgon will strike hard with this one…


This makes me wish I could dig up an old design.


Year of 1974, Gerade’s own car-ferrying ship has docked at the island state of Semyonovia. The Gerade Luxus SE Gevketovt is finally here. In the car, came a letter, now wrapped in a much more exquisite black leather envelope, and an instruction manual of the car for the driver.

and a number of phonograph discs that include:

Berlin by Lou Reed, On the Beach by Neil Young, Paranoid by Black Sabbath and Earth by Vangelis.

Inside the envelope, was a letter and a whole lot of photographs with numbers at the corner of them.

The letter read:

Unto His Highness, the King of Semyonovia,
I, Zackary Arlen Kenway of Starloch [fictional country] and currently the Lead Engineer of German Automaker Gerade, am sending you my utmost respect and greetings, once again.

It has been quite a while since I’ve updated you on the situation of our precious gift to you. Wait no more, you’ll have to, as the limousine of the year, coach built with care and only for you has now arrived right in front of you. Let me introduce you, to our most sophisticated piece of automobile engineering, The Gerade Luxor SE Gevketovt. Yes Your Highness, we have named this particular limited edition of this car by your name, for it is you who deserves such an honor after bringing your small yet glorious nation to success. Not just the Car I might add, but the engine itself is tuned and rebuilt in a specific way and just for this edition of the car. The Gerade 32SEV8 is a monstrosity that has been tamed to suit your needs, while maintaining high performance values for dire situations, if any rose at all. The 6.3Liter V8 engine has been built with several years of precision engineering to power the big, 2-ton heavy Luxor SE Gevketovt, which is also a marvel itself in many ways.
Producing 345 horsepower, this car can reach a top speed of 236 KM/H, while going from 0-100 km/h in only 8.6 seconds, making this the 4rd fastest car of the year. However, we’d like to tell you that this car can push itself much further, both in terms of power, efficiency and acceleration. We have even provided a small button by the gear lever, labeled ‘Getaway’, which tightens the suspensions, improves the compression and ignition timing, and revs up to higher RPMs for a much higher power delivery. Further improvement is possible via manual tuning by mechanics.
Of course, the sole purpose of such speed in a limousine, carrying the king and his aides is for quick getaways from car chases or physical injuries. You can rely on the Luxor SE Gevketovt if you’re in a sticky situation, because it will fly you out of danger in a whim.

Let’s get started with what we’ve done for your comfort. The ride quality in a limousine is the most essential part of it. Thus, we’ve worked jointly with Rolls-Royce and Citroen to equip your car with Hydropneumatic Gas-tube suspensions. The springs and dampers are tuned in such a way that they don’t feel hard, nor feel too soft to be undrivable.
We have coach-built the entire interior of the car. Not one part inside it is built with machines, but all of it is hand-made and perfected with close inspection. There are 4 seats inside the car, all of them separated from each other, as bench seats bring less comfort and don’t provide you the option to have other nice commodities.
We have worked with Magnavox, to equip our car with a reliable Phonograph/Radio player. The sound it produces through our own Gerade speakers will keep you acquainted with the music of your choice in long journeys. We’ve also hid the antennas for the radio in a very clever manner. The two antennas, are hidden just in front of the rear window trim and since it is enclosed, it doesn’t break down, at all! Just in case internal issues botch up those antennas, there is a third, equally strong antenna at the front of the car. Yes, the retractable hood flag-stand serves its dual purpose as an antenna too.

We’d like to stress the fact, that as the King of a communist state, your life won’t be always away from dangerous situations. To save you from any sort of harm, we’ve fitted the car with latest and greatest safety measures of this age and also made sure the corrosion resistant steel panel/chassis is built with a thick protective layer. All the glasses on the car, including the hydraulic sunroof and windows, are all bulletproof and can withstand a moderate explosion, keeping you safe from all kinds of attacks. The safety measures taken for the car make it extra hard to crunch it after a front/rear collision. We’ve tried hitting the Luxor SE Gevketovt with a truck driving at 110 km/h in the front.
All the truck did was dismember its own front axle and somewhat crunch the front end of the car with minor radiator leakage and a few lateral Gs of force inside the cabin of the car, not enough to even damage a human being’s neck! Also, being very reliable for this day and age, the Luxor SE Gevketovt can have its issues fixed easily, as long as there’s a competent mechanic holding the wrench. We must inform you however, that we don’t guarantee identical results all the time. The car can flip up and down, crunch up from front or rear and still have its cabin nearly intact, but the force generated inside the car might be too much for a person to handle, thus we must advise you to not crash on your enemy capitalist nation’s president’s car at will.

The car is even fitted with Manually Lockable Differential system, strong alloy rims, revolutionary solid disc brakes for all 4 wheels and double wishbone suspensions for maximum offroad performance, all the while maintaining its comfort. It has more than enough space inside the cabin to lay down and have a nice little nap while your chauffeur drives you to your destination, listening to local radio or a record. There’s enough cargo space at the back to bring all your important usable items and documents with you. We’ve fitted the car with a single, but rather large 110 Liter fuel tank, right behind the rear axle, which also serves as a purpose of balancing the weight of the car out, as we do have a mighty 6.3Liter V8 in the front. The tank allows you to travel no less than 415 kilometers in a single go, if cruise speed is maintained. We’ve also outsourced a device called an Electronic Cruise Control Kit, after pressing which, the car maintains a steady speed all by itself regarding the speed is equal to or over 30 km/h. It is recommended to use it for smooth and efficient daily driving experience.

Other Commodities include refined materials for axles, steering and suspensions, environmental resistance and hydraulic windows, sunroof, boot and auto closing doors. It also features an extra section for the rear window that can be remain closed while the main windows are open, so it doesn’t mess up your hair. The car is wrapped around in refined chrome and uses electronic wires that are nearly indestructible, thus confirming the longevity of the lights. The tail fin design ensures that when you arrive somewhere, the car gently announces your style, elegance and power to everyone around. It also works as an aid for reversing. The car is equipped with 3 different horns, one being for city use, one being a moderately loud one, and the latter being as loud as a ship horn, for all the purposes it may serve. Gerade badges are removed and replaced with a King’s crown to remind you that this car was built specially for you and you only, Your Highness. There’s much more to this car than I can fit in one letter without boring your butt off Your Highness, if I may.

However there are certain caveats for having such benefits from a car. The Luxor SE Gevketovt chugs 26.5 Liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, although we do have the fuel tank to cover it. All the parts in the car that ensure your comfort, the suspensions, seats, safety measures and electronics, require a high price of 214 Dakotz. While it is not high enough for the king himself, we admit that it is indeed quite high, but of course in exchange it performs the best of its class. The car is heavy and is powered by a large engine that produces necessary power to drive it, but sometimes the power is too much and causes some oversteer. Therefore, we highly recommend to hire a competent and able chauffeur to drive this car. The car itself can carry another 1.31 tons without any sort of modifications needed to it but do remember that it might cause slight strain to the brakes.

That’s about it, Your Highness. I will now finish babbling about the car and let you witness the beauty, the elegance and the marvel of it all by yourself. If you like it and decide to have it as your official Royal vehicle, we will be ready to send 50+1 vehicles for your aides and 1 being a backup, right away, each of them costing only 7,700 dakotz.

Long live the King, long live Semyonovia and best wishes from the Gerade family.

Yours Faithfully,
Zackary Arlen Kenway


Antennas on both sides, well hidden in front the rear window rails. Also, an air draft window [can we act like the handle is inside the car?]

Strong dual headlights with different beam strengths, yellow fog lights for better visibility and style.

Chrome bumpers and body parts for added durability and strength.

Fluent Aerodynamic shape

Rear tailfins, for reversing guides, crosswind stabilization and +100 style points

Hydraulic powered bulletproof sunroof, accompanied by the glorious communist symbol

More Photos

Crash Test Results:

Rear crash test results are identical.

Special Instructions for the Chauffeur:

1/ It is advised to not apply full throttle for the first two gears and while cornering. Doing so might cause in moderate loss of traction.
2/ Do not, under any circumstances, downshift while taking a corner. Slow down first.
3/ Cruise control is advised for optimum handling.
4/ Diff locks are only to be used for rock and hillclimbing. Also this is not a fully offroad car, so it has its limits.
5/ Be careful while sliding the car as it is very tail heavy and a handbraking while revving high will cause oversteer.
6/ Acceleration while cornering is not advised. Maintaining a steady speed with around 3-4k RPM while cornering brings in excellent results.

The best part about being Bipolar is, your hyperactivity knows no bounds. I’m probably gonna get binned at the first round and yet here I am. Writing 8k characters for this.

Edit: I’mma give credits to Yang for giving me the idea of using brakelight fixtures for the red badge. The communist car for the communist king deserves the red communist badge


The king should buy them all. :smiley:


When is the submission deadline? Just asking because I haven’t sent you the .car file yet, although it has been sitting around for 2 days


No, Beam won’t affect scoring @NiuYorqCiti


Deadline for entries will be July 7.


The latest Endgon…
HHD4 Enderjed - Endgola Linguo Persktokt Deluxe.car (28.0 KB)

it fits the rules, endgon tradition and for once in Enderjed`s junkyard history we used real tools instead of [REDACTED]
and if you get in a tight situation, put the pedal to the metal and look on how it is strangely faster than all the previous endgon models!


That’s a nice shooting brake!


New to this forum; I’m building a car for this challenge, how would I submit it to you once it is complete?


Since it seems that you’ve unlocked PMs, just click on my profile picture at the top of one of my posts and hit “message” to send a PM to me. Just export the .car file from game (click the floppy disc on the summary page, then go to /mygames/automation/carsaveexport and grab the file with your car’s name there) and upload it to the message.


what would you say is a realistic limit to engine size? One can pump up prestige and comfort with a massive engine, but I’m not sure what leeway is on realism there and don’t want to get binned. The largest passenger car engine of the era would have been Cadillac’s 8.2L 500ci V8, but the large bodies can fit engines that dwarf that displacement.


You’re taking about an island nation in Europe, but given that this is the king, I’d say anything from rolls Royce would be a good benchmark. I’m not hosting, so that’s not official; just my own thought process.


If you can fit it, go for it. I went for a 6.3Liter Crossplane V8


The CMT Excelsior Regent has just been shipped to your country and is ready to serve the King.

Our press car provided for testing is black with a golden roof - I think this will do the job.
We are willing to tell our honoured competitors that our engine has a size somehwere between 6,3 and 8,2 liter.