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His Highness Demands Round #4 (1968-1974)


Let’s give him a few time as it’s very hard to to this properly.
I’d never run a CSR because you can’t delay it what I am always doing because I have pets, a one-man-company to run (irl) and currently a divorce. So, I ll sit here and wait even for a month or two.


is there some kind of understudy in case the person running this disappears?


Y’all probably shouldn’t worry too much. The real benefit of running a challenge independent to CSR or CSC, is that you can set deadlines for yourself. It took me like a week or two to push out MoME results, so the best thing you can do is be patient and carry on with life. If results never come in, so be it.


Last time this happened, Crash77 took over as he is the founder of this challenge. Let’s see what happens now. I’m sure CC is just busy for some reasons and will be back with us


I’m sorry about not getting to you guys sooner - I am still on the challenge, just have had some things come up that I’d rather not get into.

The results are coming, but as you guys have probably noticed, they won’t be out on the tenth. I’ve got very little time to work with at the moment, so it might take a bit longer, but I am still working on the results slowly but surely. I’ve got a decent portion of the reviews done, and the rest are coming, just somewhat slower than I would’ve liked. I’m not abandoning this - I do enjoy writing about this Communist island, after all, and I’d like to see this challenge through. I’m not a big fan of starting something I don’t finish, so even if it takes a bit longer I’d still rather complete it myself than make Crash finish another round on his own.


No worries! Take your time, can’t wait to see what entries prevail!


any day now…


Just assume it’s not happening.


Still less delay than I have.
And I will definitely finish my stuff one day. So don’t think it’s all over here.


HHD, Cursed to make the host have to deal with real life as soon as they win.

Also hello from Korea.
Sorry about HHD3 everyone :confused:


atleast you apologised


It’s getting a bit awkward now tbh


@Crash77 we spent quite a while on our HHDR4 cars, would you mind taking over this one again? Only that is if you have free time.


Hmm, if @CC9020 doesn’t do it in the next few days, I may have to.

EDIT: I’ve decided that CC9020 (unless told otherwise) won’t abandon this and therefore will not be judging this round.


Any day now…
(history has repeated itself again)


He is just really out of the schedule if he needs longer than I need for the 2000 Taxi challenge (I might break the record for the longest waiting for results that are at least really posted one day and not abandoned).
But it won’t take me too long, I just need to fix two formulas in my excel spreadsheet, which I think will be done with at the end of next week, so hurry up, @CC9020 :smiley:


'Murica has announced that they plan to “liberate” Semyonovia, “bringing democracy” to these “oppressed people”; particularly those “oppressed souls” laboring in the oil fields.


Yes… and the proceeds from those oil fields will be put in a “Trust” for the Semyonovian people, so they can reap the fruits of their labor at a later date. That sounds familiar lol.


aany minute now…


Can someone just start a round 5 of this or is it best to leave it to die