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His Highness Demands Round #8 (1992 - 1998) The People's Uprising


1993 Katsuro Eluna GT

Safe, efficient and fun.


The 1993 Armor Motors Viva Semyonovia. A tough car for a tough people.


Guys. My automation has died… I will be looking at HHD #7 for a new judge… please bare with.


OK, so @GetWrekt01 is the new judge for HHD, please send your entries to him, so they can be judged.


Right due to technical complications with Fletchy’s PC, he has handed over the judging duties to me as I came 2nd in the previous round.

Those of you whom I’ll be mentioning, please resend me all the entries ASAP through PM:


Please note that the round will be the same and the only difference is it will be judged by me.


Popas Cheechi, a comrade you can trust


Right, last time of submission should be about 34 hours away according to the original host’s time. To have the reviews come as early as possible, I’d advise anyone wanting to send me their entries within the next 24 hours.

Good luck all!


fuck you, buy this car.

this crap even has foglights and a 3rd brake light wow


Only 16 hours to go before submissions close!


Kinda looks like a Toyota Crown if you squint your eyes long enough.


Just under 6 hours left! Hurry up if you have an entry hanging.

PS: I’ll be asleep by the time entry time is over. I won’t be accepting any more entries that will be sent after 12 AM at GMT time, 28th Jan


SaZ PersktoTurbo

The future of Semyonovia is NOW! Show the world how great we are with a great car. PersktoTurbo gives you MORE!
6 cylinders. 3 valves per cylinder. 5 speeds. 5 spoke alloy wheels. Advanced suspension. And, PersktoTurbo technology!

long nose for long engine comrade

Semyonvian traffic can be tough. But SaZ is tougher. Energy absobent, plastic bumpers protect SaZ from minor accidents, while standard airbags, ABS, and 3 point seatbelts protect occupants from harm.

SaZ is comfortable. 5 seats with genuine leather. Premium sound system for perfect quality when listening to glorious state-run radio stations or patriotic Semyonvian music cassettes. And with so much space! You could live in a SaZ. Not that you’d ever need to, of course, Semyonivian system would never leave you homeless.


Kurokama SC-R, for a better future




Alright, submissions are closed. Give me a day or two to sort out all the entries. Wishing all the entrants best of luck :smiley:


His Highness Demands: Round #8 (1992-1998), Judgement Pt1


The day has come, 12 manufacturers have sent their car in for King Gevketovt III, to evaluate. Previously, he had evaluated cars along with his and King Gevketovt II's trusty Minister, Akulov Yanovikch. Unfortunately, Mr. Yanovikch has grown old, and King Gevketovt III is pretty much confident that in this day of modern automobiles, his knowledge about them is rather lackluster.

Which is why he has decided to call in for special help. He has flown in German Car Journalist and Enthusiast Wolfgang Reger from the land of the Deutsch. Mr. Reger is keen on helping the Semyonovian Monarchy and finding them the NEW people's car. He'll be aiding them in their way of choosing vehicles and what would be the best for which segment.

You heard that right, I've decided to choose 3 vehicles for 3 different segments. The podium finishers will be imported exclusively in Semyonovia by The King's order. The champion being the true people's car and brought in mass numbers, and the other two for their own respectable segments.

5th of June, 1993

The King is arriving at the docks where all 12 of the cars are now parked after reaching Semyonovia, along with Mr. Yanovikch, in his Limo. Mr. Reger should be able to join them soon enough after they’re done with the basic inspection.

  • King Gevketovt III = K, Akulov Yanovikch = AY, Wolfgang Reger = WR

K: So, all the cars have arrived, I presume?

AY: Yes, your Highness, they are now kept in the garages right beside the main jetty. At your arrival, they’ll be brought outside and assembled for primary inspection. Should any car fail to impress us, it will be boarded back to the ship the cars came in. Only 3 cars will remain today at our glorious land.

K: Excellent, Mr. Yanovikch. How about Mr. Reger?

AY: Mr. Reger had telephoned us back when we were in the office. He has already started from his temporary residence and will be at the spot by the time we finish our primary inspections.

K: So everything’s arranged well. I look forward to today’s venture of choosing the people’s car then, Mr Yanovikch. The people have been very uncooperative lately. But I can’t blame them either. First the fall of USSR, now there beloved and reliable cars failing. What an absolutely dreadful scenario to be in.

AY: Indeed, your Highness. However, from next week, things will change. As the new people’s cars of Semyonovia enter our land, the people would eventually find new hope and once again, be faithful of their Monarchy.

K: I hope so, Mr. Yanovikch. I really hope so…

Initial Assembly

The King has arrived, the garage doors have been opened and representitives of each brand have come forward to bow to King Gevketovt III before they proceed to their cars respectively. Upon firing up the engines, the cars have started to assemble in front of the king, one by one. However, the King frowned upon something which Mr. Yanovikch noticed.

AY: Your Highness, is there anything wrong?

K: You see that car, Mr. Yunovikch? The red one, boxy and small…

AY: Yes your Highness, is there something peculiar about it that you’ve noticed?

K: It’s… it’s making this insufferable racket that I can’t really bear. We can’t really let a car that’s meant to be for civilians be this loud right?

AY: Indeed your Highness, in fact we specifically put a noise limit for the road spec cars here. I assume the engineers at Katsuro made a mistake and sent us the wrong model. Perhaps it’s missing a muffler.

K: We can’t let that be allowed here, and this shouldn’t be overlooked at either. They had a whole year to send us a properly built car and still they mess up…

AY: I’ll call the representative from Katsuro and tell them to board the Eluna GT back on the ship, then, your Highness.



Instabinned for going waaaaay over the noise limit. It was okay-ish otherwise but that noise limit alone killed it. Sorry dude, better luck next time

K: Be my guest. Other entries seem fine, so let’s carry on with them

AY: Indeed, your Highness!

At this point, Mr. Reger has arrived and he is ready to share his thoughts on the cars

K: Ah, good morning Mr. Reger! I hope you had a pleasant journey on your way to the docks.

WR: Good morning your Highness. Indeed, the roads have been fixed by quite a lot since the last time I came here in Semyonovia, which was during your father’s reign.

K: Thank you, Mr. Reger. Shall we get on with choosing the cars then?

Popas Cheechi by @Mikonp7

K: Oh… wow, is this car from our fellow comrade’s nation?

WR: It is, your Highness. It’s the new Popas Cheechi for this year. I have to say it’s looking rather brilliant. For something so crude…

K: Is it crude though? Looks quite the part, I’d say.

WR: Well if we talk about some of the rather outdated engineering choices of this car such as a rather small V8 with almost no modern bits powering it, or the safety equipments from the last decade or even just how rough and ruggedly the parts are built for it… Yes, your Highness, it’s very crude.

AY: It’s dirt cheap though, and the engine seems to be reliable.

WR: Because of, like I said, use of outdated bits that aren’t really complex but also aren’t ideal either. Also I can already tell you that this is the least safe car here, of all. Also the fuel economy is… quite shite, pardon my language.

K: I see… As much as I’m happy that our comrades sent us a car, times aren’t going so well and I’m afraid I’ll have to drop this one.

WR: Wise decision, your Highness.

HAM HC6 2.5 by @abg7


WR: Ah! It’s the new HAM, and it’s a completely new model as well. Knowing HAM cars for a long time, I’m sure they went absolutely ham with the engineering to craft something brilliant for the ham-consuming people of Semyonovia!

K: I see what you did there, Mr. Reger. I hope they didn’t drop the ham on managing the road manners and creature comforts of this car.

WR: Oh this car is very comfortable for its budget. Even though it has rather cheap Faux Leather interior bits with some fake wood and plastic panelling, they’re built very well and will last longer than usual.

AY: I can also see a a cassette player, is that standard?

WR: The cassette player is standard and so is this car’s revolutionary power steering system. Unlike most power steering systems of this age, this car provides you a feedback of the road surface thus making it better to drive.

K: Is it safe and reliable though, Mr. Reger?

WR: Well, it’s quite reliable for what modern gizmos and hardware it packs. The suspension system this car has is… well you better hope HAM sets up a dedicated showroom and servicing center here. But in general it’s quite reliable and very decently safe.

AY: Mr. Reger, am I seeing this right… According to HAM, they’re saying that the annual service costs of this car is only $680! Have they gone ham or are they lying?

WR: Ah no, Mr Yanovikch. While it uses modern bits, it is also built and tuned in such a way that it wouldn’t require much maintenance at all. It also does about 28 MPG. This is overall, a great car. Definitely a strong contender. I suggest keeping it on the line for consideration.

Decarlis D50 @Arn38fr


K: Wow, this car seems a bit bold with its split headlights. Looks quite nice though, overall.

WR: It’s the new D50 for this year. It has been revered to be quite the safe car for the budget range. Not as efficient, practical or reliable as the HAM we saw earlier. But offers more passenger space.

AY: Seeing the proposal letter they’ve sent us, it seems like a very prestigious car. It has the same power steering technology as the HAM but also features proper leather interior with a 4 speaker cassette changer combo.

WR: However, they’ve messed up with tuning the suspension, the ride can be a bit jerky but it can soak up bumps in general. It’s not the cheapest to service either.

K: It’s also apparently slightly over the price of the HAM. I don’t think it’s worth it just for the safety itself. We’ll keep this on the side.


Armor Motors Viva Semyonovia @GassTiresandOil


WR: Oh it’s the new Armor Motors car for this year, but styled and geared specifically for Semyonovia!

K: It looks quite nice. I love the badging and styling all around it. Looks quite people friendly.

WR: It sure is one. It may not be as nice to drive, but god is it reliable. Also one of the safest cars of this year, mind you. And see how large the car is? It’s perfect for Semyonovian families for road trips, moving around or just in general.

AY: The size does indeed come at a price though, it’s a moderate drinker. But I guess good enough as the people here mostly use Regular octane anyway. Also I can see that it has leather seats, but cheap cassette sets.

K: Which is also fine, the people of this country need a more rugged car that can go places while providing them entertainment to keep them happy. Swappable options are also a thing they’ll be getting if these cars get to set up dealerships here.

WR: Exactly, your Highness! It even has some newfangled technology called Traction Control, which makes sure the car is behaving well on all surfaces. However, the downsides would be rather high service costs and comparatively low load capacity.

K: Hmm, I like this car but it has some issues that concern me. Perhaps keep it on the line?

Part 1 Ending

Alright I’ll conclude the first part of the judgement round here, mostly because I’m hoping to release the next part within 6-24 hours. It’s very possible that I’ll get them done soon, because I’ve basically finished my end of judging, I just need to finish writing the broad reviews.

Also note that this is not a 2 round judgement, it’s just one big final round I’m dividing in 2 parts because I’m lazy I couldn’t manage time properly. Hope to see you all soon in the next part :smiley: Cheers!


Even with some decontenting and detuning, I never thought that the HC6 (a different version of which I had submitted in CSR 118) would remain under consideration, considering how close it was to the maximum price - but it did. Fingers crossed I get a good result in the end…


Is 2 mufflers really a requirement though?

Edit: nvm I see it now… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It’s alright bud :stuck_out_tongue: We all tend to overlook crucial details and requirements


Honestly because of the limited time I had I may have just skimmed the rules for the most part, and not only in this challenge and often end up instabinning myself. :man_facepalming:t4: